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  1. Does the bug occur on first login? Or did you proceed somewhere in the quest? Can you upload what's inside the quest table for this player?
  2. both screenshots do not work, can you reupload them somewhere else?
  3. You can also just post the quest here and let us help you. No need to pay or hire someone for that.
  4. Ah so you're using a different program? Because if I use both arguments I cannot run the tool, it throws an error. I mean I could technically just issue a cmd.exe and further trigger the file processing. But that's kinda overcomplicated so I was asking if the dev can adapt his tool. I'd do it myself but since it's not open source I can't mangle with it :D For me there are only two things that would be cool - an option to keep the original file name and to add the option (what you wanna do with the file) in the first command line. This way it's easy and there'd be many many options, I'd even wr
  5. Thanks a lot for this tool. I'd like to write a tool that does this process automatically. Could you make a version where you can already specify in command line what you'd like to do with the gr2 file? This way I'd write a program that automatically cleans and optimizes all gr2 files in a folder. If I use your tool like this it doesn't work: gr2tool.exe test.gr2 1 It always claims that you first have to give the gr2 file as an argument and then choose the option afterwards. I'd rather be able to execute the program in one line. If that's not possible it's also okay, I'd s
  6. Instead of stupid responses we'd just give a proper answer. Those files are plugins for the miles sound system. For example if you don't have mssmp3.asi your miles sound system cannot load mp3 files.
  7. If you want to set your own locale in Windows you need to pass the locale string to the setlocale function. Note that we're not talking about the direct locale name but it's locale string: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/cpp/c-runtime-library/language-strings?view=vs-2019 But I highly recommend leaving it at '' so it gets the locale from system.
  8. you can simply replace item.remove(50300,1) with pc.remove_item(50300,1)
  9. You're welcome! Actually you can use the locale module for this. First you gotta import it: import locale And set your locale: locale.setlocale(locale.LC_ALL, ''); You can leave it at '' for auto or just specify the locale you want to format with. After doing so the n-keyword will just do the trick and format your number according to the locale you set up earlier. f'{15000:n}' This would be an example of how you'd format your 15000 to appear as 15.000 Note that I'm talking about python 3. In old python it should look like
  10. Possible, or you work with locale.format. You may also wanna have a look at this: https://docs.python.org/3/library/string.html#format-specification-mini-language With locale module you can easily set the locale and use this to format your numbers (python 3, there also exists a python 2 way to do this): f'{value:n}'
  11. You are missing linking to gcc's libstd, that'd be actually included in your compiler flags. That's the first issue. Either you change to g++49 for toolset (which should include the std) or you add it as compiler flags. Otherwise you cannot utilize c++11. The second isn't that important but you'd check your Depend file. I'm pretty sure that this does not match with more recent gcc versions.
  12. minilzo.h line 24 extern "C" { Now, look for the closing }. Do you see it anywhere in minilzo.h? Nope, neither do I That's the issue you have here. You edited minilzo.h and removed the closing } thus causing the build error.
  13. Nope, mariadb will just run like a mysql server. If you wanna use the libmysqlclient from mariadb for compiling you have to remove the reconnect variabe in libasyncsql on connect function call, you'll get the message once you try to compile it, it's pretty simple. Either way, it's only necessary if you're using the lib from mariadb for compiling. On live server, removing mysql and installing mariadb will just do fine. Of course Mariadb offers some different storage engines and if you wanna use them you'll have to change that on your database. If not, you can just drop it in and run i
  14. Mariadb is a drop-in replacement for MySQL. Backup your database, deinstall mysql and install mariadb instead, it'll do the magic automatically.
  15. There are two very important things on how to solve p2p shutdown commands: First: Make sure p2p ports are blocked from external access. This is VERY important and with your firewall you can block those things. Generally I'd recommend NOT posting Ip-Adresses here. But you'd check the one if it's your machine's ip or someone else. If it's someone else then your firewall isn't set up properly and someone just sent you a shutdown command via p2p port. Second: Block external p2p commands via source. You can do that quite easy. Just discard commands sent from external ip
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