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  1. beep beep beep boop boop beep bopp beep beep beep. boop. beep boop beep. (translates to: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "beep beep beep boop boop beep bopp beep beep beep. boop. beep boop beep.") Let's stick to our newest addition to our collection. Neurooooooooooooooooooooo *dramatic music plays here*
  2. beep boop. beep beep boop. boop. (translates to: Welcome)
  3. 1st make sure you always use the correct libraries. Your dev system is freebsd 12.1 32 bit, your production enviroment is 12.1 64 bit. If you install cryptopp via pkg on your production system you'll also get the 64 bit libraries, NOT 32 bit. Your 32 bit application cannot use these libraries. 2nd I highly recommend you using rpath as a linker option to specify a directory where you load your libraries from (e. g. /usr/local32/metin2). 3rd After building your game db, run ldd for both of them. Doing so will reveal all the locations of your libraries on the dev system. You can just download and upload them on your production server in the correct direcoty (see rpath). 4th Your game won't start without the correct libs to load. Obviously you cannot login if the server doesn't even start 5th Your problem may have occured now due to the fact that your libs have changed after upgrading. Remember: always keep the libs you need in sync. Not to mention: DO NOT OVERWRITE LIBS. Make sure you have a special directory (see above rpath) and do not overwrite system libraries. And finally 6th: If you solved your issue, post a solution for other members. Don't be selfish.
  4. Interesting, but big project. I do agree with some stuff, but highly disagree with other points. In fact I do like the c++ part. I don't have any experience with rust but I do know that a mighty c++ version along with current standards is not a disadvantage at all. Things like memory management were an issue back then. Today with stuff like smart pointers you even have more tools to avoid memory corruption. Though yes, Rust is definitely not bad at all and a rust-port would be interesting to see. What I don't agree is the "rant" about BSD. It doesn't matter if there was no big choice back then. If you wanna rewrite the game then it's mandatory what matters today, not in the past. And nowadays FreeBSD is a very stable, fast and reliable system. Yet I even happened to catch more errors in linux than in BSD (like faulty pkg installations and stuff, but that doesn't matter much for this project). What matters is: Speed, security and reliability. So, why the heck should BSD be an issue there? Why even bother porting it to linux if BSD does the job quite well? I often see people not setting up their system correctly and then wonder about issues they wouldn't have if they read a bit about it. Heck, even now many people are still using BSD versions from years ago. Though yes, a complete rewrite that actually focuses on more stability and speed, utilizing the more recent tools we have (threading, etc.) would be very benenificient for this. But it's also a big task and don't be fooled - if you rewrite it from scratch, there WILL be bugs. A game project as big as a metin2 server will potentially cause bugs. Where there are humans, there's also error. That's a fact and yeah, you can obviously fix those. What I wanna say is: I'm reading this text like "hey, let's all get together and set up a project" but I think the project isn't thought through well enough. And to completely rely on the devs makes it sound like "I wanna create something huge, come all devs and help me do it". Don't get me wrong, it's not bad to somewhat unite the people who know about development. But it makes the project sound kinda fishy. I'd love to see such a project come to live. But to do so it takes more than a bright idea. Or, to quote a well-known meme: "One cannot simply rewrite a whole game". You'd think this through and if there's a plan, a concept and if you brainstormed well enough then the project has a chance of success. For now it more looks like an idea, something you had in mind and want to present. But it lacks the core thoughts about it. The first post is more about "ranting" about the stuff the old source has - supposedly - done wrong and how to fix it. And yes, some points do count. But there's high disagreement on other things and as much as it'd look cool to have e. g. a linux port.. It's basically pointless given what we already have. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say, no offense intended here.
  5. One thing I can absolutely recommend is stop using package system. It gave me enought trouble. I recommend you to stick with the ports tree and build your programs this way. Why do I say this? I've seen a lot of issues occuring with package system and building the source. If you build the programs via ports tree you make sure they are being built according to your system environment. Especially when encountering lib problems it might help you fix this issue. Next I'd like to know what exactly are in those lines? #7 0x00446040 in CClientManager::FlushItemCacheSet (this=0xffbfe910, pid=792) at ClientManager.cpp:1408 #8 0x0043c308 in CClientManager::UpdateLogoutPlayer (this=0xffbfe910) at ClientManagerPlayer.cpp:1335 And obviously Main.cpp:58 Can you post the whole functions and mark down the line that's mentioned there? And thanks for using it, though it's clearly outdated and would need a few fixes here and there ^^' I'm glad you like my work nevertheless and I hope you'll enjoy it in the future, too!
  6. Downgrading FreeBSD version only masks the problem. Are you running it on the same machine as you're building it? If no, what version does the target system and the building system have? Can you call ldd db? What compiler are you using?
  7. what settings do you have that you need to use a very old toolset? And why wouldn't that be possible with more recent toolsets?
  8. I recommend doing what the error tells you: Right click and Upgrade solution. This way you'll be using the more recent toolset. As I said, it'd work out of the box and compile just fine.
  9. You can often check if your distribution allows to use older toolsets. This is afaik the case with 2017 and 2019, but I'm not sure if that works on 2013, too. I wouldn't try it if I were you. Your best bet is to just upgrade to the newer toolset... It'd work out of the box without having to modify anything.
  10. If it's not working we need further information. What exactly doesn't work? The query? And why? What error do you get? Any new syserr/syslog entries?
  11. I cannot agree more. If there's need for a special encryption (and trust me, there is) you can just use a tool that's already included in source: Metin2PackMaker. Afaik it's bugged from start and needs a bit of a setup but it's not that much. As soon as you have it working you're simply having a program that can archive and extract pack files. After this you can think about changing compression or encryption algorithms. It's definitely worth it.
  12. But you do have logfiles, don't you? Without it debugging will be very difficult. We need to know if the client sends the appropiate packet and if the server receives it and what it does with it. Thus reading the syslog is very important even if there's no clear error happening.
  13. Best way to determine this is analyzing a .wav file that's currently in client. I did that for fishing_fail.wav from Sound/warrior/fishing and it tells me: 353 kbps with 22 KHz So make sure you convert your file with a bitrate of 353 kbps. I dunno if other values are possible but this one should be a safe one.
  14. afaik if you're going for WAV you need to be cautious about the bitrate of your file. If you do not set it to the supported range you'll encounter exactly this issue. It's not the converters fault, it's a setting you may be able to change in almost any converter.
  15. Well in that case you either have to fix the code or get it somewhere. I don't know what you downloaded and who did what on these script files but certainly they seem to be out of sync.
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