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  1. Thats what i was thinkin of, "it was enabled ? okay? weird" , Also a "Save as" button were also a nice thing, so you didnt have to rename for example "sample basic Maps" if you know what i mean, only if you want
  2. After i just lost like 2 Hours of work in the newest Version, id like to recommend that you could start to build an Optional Autosave function for Maps into the Tool for like every 5 Minutes or so, It Crashed after i changed some Textures. if its possible it would help some Guys alot i think
  3. "Also, where is the file in which i can change the path of the amseup_01.sub? I want to change it's location." That was funny... if you want to change the path of the skill you have to change the whole skill, no you dont want to do that "it seems like i don't have the 6th skill design for either close combat or archery. neither the 6th skills for warrior. if you have the files, can you help me with them? please! thank you." lazy boy... its like 4 values x 3 files... veeery lazy you are https://workupload.com/archive/LRnbwY6r
  4. tab_button_large_01.sub title subImage version 1.0 image "Windows.dds" left 227 top 116 right 305 bottom 135 tab_button_large_02.sub title subImage version 1.0 image "Windows.dds" left 305 top 116 right 383 bottom 135 tab_button_large_03.sub title subImage version 1.0 image "Windows.dds" left 383 top 116 right 461 bottom 135 Buttons Should be in any Windows.dds be the same
  5. in " etc / ymir_work / ui / skill / assassin " you find the amseup_01 - 03 sub. Look at that one and Compare it to your skillassassin.dds in your "etc / ymir_work / ui" folder
  6. search for sound pc CLASS general attack and open the .mse Client\pack\sound\sound\common\swing
  7. allready fixxed dont worry
  8. hmmm thats kinda weird, contact me on dc, maybe we find a solution ToXiC4k#9214
  9. is it happening all the Time? when your loading it and safe it emidiatly? @displayjokes
  10. Still not working, Dude, "And Why is it not working?" maybe our Magical Glass-Bowl will tell us, /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server stop mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables mysql -u root use mysql; "Check all the Tables if they arent corrupted cause sometimes you cant change anything cause your tables havent got the right data / Are corrupted / Will not work properly" CHECK TABLE table_name; REPAIR TABLE table_name; also use the command mysql_upgrade / mysqlcheck In that case that you cant change the passwort you sh
  11. ill do the same as in the other Board, "ask Plechito about it open the effect in the effect editor then you know the rest" If you know how to work the the WE you shouldnt get any problems
  12. For horse (mount) rotation speed: Find InstanceBase.cpp in your client source Search for: "c_fDefaultHorseRotationSpeed" and edit value from " 300.0f " . For default rotation speed: Find InstanceBase.cpp in your client source Search for: "c_fDefaultRotationSpeed" and edit value from " 1200.0f " .
  13. muyeong_loop muyeong is the skill you are searching search for it in the playersettingsmodule and affect is it only on that level or also on others?
  14. "This means the previous 256x256 shadowmap.dds files will be useless. (this will require an internal conversion or to regenerate them) The generated result looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/9otjY53" Yes it does make a difference it would help me alot if there is a way to config it the same way as with the "height configuration" with the slider for like setting a max value, if it is to much i can understand that, its only my opinion. "This means the previous 256x256 shadowmap.dds files will be useless." Whoever in the Year 2021 uses 256x256 textu
  15. ShadowRenderHelper.h // Size BYTE m_byShadowMapPower; const BYTE m_byMaxShadowMapPower; const BYTE m_byMinShadowMapPower; DWORD m_dwShadowMapSize; is it Possible to increase those values for exporting bigger Shadowmaps for example 1024x1024 idk if these are the correct Values, i like the work you do but there are still some things to solve, for example the saving of the msf data dont work, or while rendering the shadows with F6 it sometimes skips Cells if the map is bigger than 3x3 means you have to split the Map. The Watermarker is dissapearin



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