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Community Answers

  1. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) i have here some Skillicons for you to Share I've cut them all way for you Download
  2. ye i Know but the Thing is, its still metin you cant shoot with your foot at the same Speed and the Same Range as it would work normaly ?
  3. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) i have created a little football map took me 2 Hours i hope you can use it https://workupload.com/file/sL7sfTa8tJT
  4. your special folder is a bit fail
  5. either source or quest, just check before the quest starts if they have something equiped in the Costume slot, If you have you cant use the item.
  6. Thats what i was thinkin of, "it was enabled ? okay? weird" , Also a "Save as" button were also a nice thing, so you didnt have to rename for example "sample basic Maps" if you know what i mean, only if you want
  7. After i just lost like 2 Hours of work in the newest Version, id like to recommend that you could start to build an Optional Autosave function for Maps into the Tool for like every 5 Minutes or so, It Crashed after i changed some Textures. if its possible it would help some Guys alot i think
  8. "Also, where is the file in which i can change the path of the amseup_01.sub? I want to change it's location." That was funny... if you want to change the path of the skill you have to change the whole skill, no you dont want to do that "it seems like i don't have the 6th skill design for either close combat or archery. neither the 6th skills for warrior. if you have the files, can you help me with them? please! thank you." lazy boy... its like 4 values x 3 files... veeery lazy you are https://workupload.com/archive/LRnbwY6r
  9. tab_button_large_01.sub title subImage version 1.0 image "Windows.dds" left 227 top 116 right 305 bottom 135 tab_button_large_02.sub title subImage version 1.0 image "Windows.dds" left 305 top 116 right 383 bottom 135 tab_button_large_03.sub title subImage version 1.0 image "Windows.dds" left 383 top 116 right 461 bottom 135 Buttons Should be in any Windows.dds be the same
  10. in " etc / ymir_work / ui / skill / assassin " you find the amseup_01 - 03 sub. Look at that one and Compare it to your skillassassin.dds in your "etc / ymir_work / ui" folder
  11. search for sound pc CLASS general attack and open the .mse Client\pack\sound\sound\common\swing
  12. hmmm thats kinda weird, contact me on dc, maybe we find a solution ToXiC4k#9214
  13. is it happening all the Time? when your loading it and safe it emidiatly? @displayjokes
  14. Still not working, Dude, "And Why is it not working?" maybe our Magical Glass-Bowl will tell us, /usr/local/etc/rc.d/mysql-server stop mysqld_safe --skip-grant-tables mysql -u root use mysql; "Check all the Tables if they arent corrupted cause sometimes you cant change anything cause your tables havent got the right data / Are corrupted / Will not work properly" CHECK TABLE table_name; REPAIR TABLE table_name; also use the command mysql_upgrade / mysqlcheck In that case that you cant change the passwort you should have postet the Syserr wich is showed you after you inserted the commands above lul
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