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  1. Hi guys, I have a problem with auth that I've never dealt with. Basically, I tried to eliminate some useless code like: passpod, matrix, openid etc. Unfortunately, when I start the auth I get this error: SYSERR: Mar 6 10:25:01 :: safe_create: calloc failed [12] Not enough space SYSERR: Mar 6 10:25:01 :: buffer_new: calloc failed [12] Not enough space. Could you help me? Windows, no Freebsd.
  2. Looks great, thank you very much! I will definitely try it: D
  3. When I enter this command: ./vcpkg install devil cryptopp boost-system boost-container boost-unordered boost-algorithm boost-pool I get this error: Error: invalid triplet: x64-freebsd Available architecture triplets
  4. Thanks! I have now seen the topic and added it to my sources
  5. Hik

    const char to tchar

    Thanks, work! Not work...
  6. Hi guys, I don't know why but recently I get this error: https://ibb.co/F7rxVvc How can i solve?
  7. Hik

    open Problem client

    UPDATE: If you comment the following function you will be able to login but obviously you will not see the trees: / __SetObjectInstance_SetTree(pObjectInstance, c_pData, pProperty);
  8. Hik

    open Problem client

    I'm sorry, I haven't solved it yet
  9. Hik

    open Problem client

    Not these variables in my sources. I managed to log in, I see the objects now. The problem, in my case, is the lack of trees. I think here is the problem: if (!GetMainTree(dwTreeCRC, &pMainTree, c_szTreeName)) //<--- @@@@@@@@@ { TraceError("CSpeedTreeForest::CreateInstance - Cannot find: %s", c_szTreeName); // 1 iunie 2018 return NULL; }
  10. Hik

    open Problem client

    UP reupload image: https://ibb.co/bbMMqL3
  11. Unfortunately, I don't play officer, so I don't know. But I don't think it's normal to have an account with pg in different realms ...



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