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  1. If I'm not mistaken you can compile the latest version using the libraries provided inside the files, without having to install anything, just copy them in lib (you have to use FBSD 32bit).
  2. Meaning? Do you intend to activate one system at a time? If yes, the first one I entered was the pet system and it didn't work.
  3. Yes, I'm sure. I also added the sash system and I keep getting an error. Both tested on a different source client and running smoothly. Both of these systems modify some parts of common code.
  4. They are very old files, you will find better around.
  5. Being able to do everything without VM would be fantastic!
  6. Unfortunately I don't see anything, I think the problem is the code inserted in char.cpp. EDIT: Now work, it is this part of code that did not allow me to view the image: #self.elementImage.SetPosition(self.GetLeft() - 40, self.GetTop()) Anyone know what I can replace this part with? This is the effect obtained:
  7. Good luck, that would be a great thing
  8. up ps: new pet system not normal pet system.
  9. Metin, at least for now, will continue to be dependent on windows ...
  10. Do you know if it is possible to compile the client on linux?
  11. Look in the fileservers, in the db folder, if those files are missing. It is also likely that the path relative to CONFIG and conf.txt are wrong (check in the source).
  12. Hi guys, I need your help. I am using sources with the following upgrades by blackdragonx61: Granny 2.11.8 libjpeg-9a Python-2.7 Boost-1.71 Crypto++ 8.2.0 DevIL-1.8.0 lzo-2.10 When I add the pet system, I choose the character the client crashes and I get this: 0817 22:53:13712 :: Property already registered, replace property/devils_dragon_island/thing/obj_mtthund_thorn01.prb to property/devils_dragon_island/mtthunder_thorn01.prb 0817 22:53:13758 :: LoadWaterMapFile metin2_map_a1\000001\water.wtr 0 0817 22:53:13758 :: LoadRawHeightMapFile metin2_map_a1\000001\height.raw 0817 22:53:13761 :: LoadHeightMap::CalculateNormal 3 ms 0817 22:53:13761 :: LoadAttrMapFile metin2_map_a1\000001\attr.atr 0817 22:53:13762 :: 0 0817 22:53:13762 :: LoadSplatFile metin2_map_a1\000001\tile.raw 0817 22:53:13779 :: CTerrain::RAW_AllocateSplats 17 0817 22:53:13780 :: CTerrain::LoadShadowTexture 1 ms 0817 22:53:13780 :: LoadShadowMap metin2_map_a1\000001\shadowmap.raw 0817 22:53:13780 :: 0 ms 0817 22:53:13780 :: CTerrain::LoadMiniMapTexture 0 ms 0817 22:53:13781 :: CMapOutdoor::LoadTerrain 24 0817 22:53:13782 :: CMapOutdoor::LoadArea1 0 By debugging I get this: https://imge.to/i/VBzBx If I comment on the following function, the game starts but I only see NPCs and Mobs: if ( !pArea->Load(szAreaPathName) ) Can you tell me why it crashes and how to solve it if necessary? Thanks in advance!
  13. Cryptopp is missing. I usually install it from pkg -> pkg install cryptopp. Once installed you have to edit the makefile and change its paths. If I'm not wrong: / Usr / local / include / cryptopp / Usr / local / lib
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