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  1. reopened , looking for one more dev please contact me
  2. so professional and helpful hes quests are clean and perfect i would highly recommend him and his service best of luck
  3. Good Morning everyone we are looking for a developer to enhance our server experience and to focus mostly on fixing bugs ( if reported by a player) our server is up and running we currently have almost 450 players online daily the required knowledge we are seeking for are : - C++ - LUA - python full time job currently is what we looking for or at least part timer who always available please contact me via DM if you are interested thank you
  4. thank you for your reply , is 32 Ram enough for a server with 500 players online ? also taking NVMe or SSD would make any difference in the performance ?
  5. hello im wondering what are the best specs on a server that are required to run metin2 smoothely for a server with 500 players online also what hosting company is the best and what do you think about this server for example : https://www.ovh.ie/dedicated_servers/advance/adv-limited-edition/
  6. greetings i need someone who can setup ip rules for connection for the db , game server etc please dm me your skype thank you
  7. hello my players are facing huge lag in fights when there is multiple players fighting i have a really good server from ovh so i dont think its something related to the server i need someone who can identify the problem and fix it am offering 100Euro's please DM me if you are interested
  8. Hi I have a live server which hosted on OVH gaming serverOC i have like 300 online players But there is a huge lag when multiple players fight each other what might be the problem ? For what i know my server can handle 500 easily without any lag , could the problem be something with the source or the client files ?
  9. hello am looking for someone who can fix certain bugs players use and help with any problem i might have please PM me if you are interested i only deal with paypal
  10. hey am looking for autopatcher with a design simmilar to the official design or any good design with good features please speak to me in PM thanks
  11. hello there im looking for a pro web developer , i already have a website but i need someone to take it to another level and add more features and fix some bugs please note im looking for someone who knows what he does !! also . i have a kinda old client ( 2016 ) and i need someone to provide me all the new updates regarding the costumes - hairstyles - pets - mounts etc feel free to contact me on the pm im paying in paypal and it possible to pay in Skrillz too
  12. simple and actually great idea to have colored quests thanks for sharing
  13. actually i moved it to /home not /usr/home and it worked perfectly
  14. i had this error before my problem was there is no enough space for mysql in that path i fixed it by moving mysql to new path which is /home thats how i fixed it once and for all
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