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  1. Hello guys, is here someone who know how to make shrink function for numbers in lua and python? I need to show money values like this: 1 milion instead of 1.000.000. I need to make money output only in milions. Same function I need to implement in local money = tonumber(input()), so that player will input amount of money in milions and the function will convert it to the right number for database (because I need to save this number to database). For python I need to do something like this (the code hasn't got right syntax, I need some correction here): Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  2. Try duplicate the q.set_counter function in server source. It could work.
  3. I don't know why it happens, but my metin2.cfg is not able to save the 1920x1080 resolution. Everytime when I start the client, the metin2.cfg is overwritten by 1920x1010 resolution. Can someone tell me why it happens or how to make it starting with the saved resolution? Thanks I did it like this to make the window centered: But I'm little bit confused about the 1920x1010 resolution in metin2.cfg everytime when I start the client.
  4. @ GurgarathThanks for trying to fix this problem, but after this fix I can see no difference and the client window is still not centered. Because something is changing the client resolution right after starting the client, so it couldn't be overwritten by editing the config.
  5. I'm still not sure what Marty's effect fix exactly fixing, if it should fix the effects to stacking up when window is minimized for example for butterflies, it doesn't work and the effect is still stacking up. And I have it like this:
  6. @ Distraught Thanks for the release! I tested the change and black screen seems to be finally fixed! I'm gonna to do more tests, but I think it'll be also fine. And what about moving effects? (loop problem when you minimize client for some time)
  7. I didn't find it useful since there isn't support for small taskbar buttons and many people are using small taskbar buttons. Only thing that's useful, is notification info for other activities, that would be really nice, if you can provide us code for that, I think many people rather use more notification infos instead of notification badges. Btw. I can say it works like it should and I didn't find any problems. Thanks for that free release!
  8. More fixes like this I really like that.
  9. @displayjokes nope, sysers show the texts separately by %d and %s. So empire and bonus_name is in %s variable so if I'll activate drop bonus for empire Jinno it will show: And of course: c_apszPrivNames, c_apszEmpireNames are changed in source too. Like this: Everything works but I don't really know from where the error is coming and why when all is done right.
  10. @displayjokes These are the same strings. As I mentioned them in this topic, but changed. Files in which you can find the strings are priv_manager.cpp & constants.cpp.
  11. @displayjokes Thanks, but I know how it works. But it's still giving me the error outputs: And locale_string.txt I have this:
  12. @displayjokes Interesting thing is that the game found the string, because if not, it will show the korean text from source, but it's showing right text. So it seems to be some error output for some another reason. I searched in whole server source and I have no idea why it's giving me the error output.
  13. @flatik encoding is fine, because all other locale_string texts aren't showing any error.
  14. Hey guys, someone got the same problem? I'm getting locale error with these defines. I have written these texts in locale_string.txt so it couldn't be a locale_string.txt problem. This locale error is caused by enabling empire bonuses. sysser: Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh

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