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  1. Would be nice if you can create a function which will block buffs and which will allow buffing players when it's activated only for party members.
  2. @Ikarus_ I'm not sure what is full white color... Can you tell me the hex? I have the lines like this: I tried to change these hexes to another hexes but nothing was changed. But I think this: 0xffffffff is full white, but if I changed it, nothing happened. But when I use this function in server: function say_white(name) say(color256(255, 255, 255) it will show the text as full white text. So I tried to change the client source side like you wrote before: But it'll change color to white not only for the "select" bars. So there must be another way how to change the color of select text bars separately.
  3. @Ikarus_ I tried to change it, but nothing was changed for some reason, no sysser errors. Locals still in light gray color.
  4. @Ikarus_ Thanks that was almost everything what I've searched for, but is possible to change the color globally only for the locals? Because I want to preserve the almost white text and make only locals lighter, but globally to make it easier to change.
  5. @Ikarus_ Exist some way how to do it globally for all locals? Because the default color is set globally somehow. Btw. thanks for your answer!
  6. Hey guys, someone know how to change default color of local button list? Example: Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  7. @Tatsumaru I really want this costume
  8. Hey guys, I'm using .htaccess file with rewrite rules and I got stuck. I have this link: https://example.com/new/ - here I have the index.php file (which is redirected to https://example.com/new/assests/ where I have header.php and footer.php these files contain links to webpage files which are located in https://example.com/new/pages/ and I need to read them without the .php extension. I need to edit the links in the header.php and footer.php like this: And here I'm stuck. When I edit it like above, it won't load the team.php located in /new/pages/ folder. My .htaccess contain these lines: I'll be really glad if someone can help me. I didn't find any solution for this problem. Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
  9. @Anix Yeah. I need to write a two lines in a small box under self.
  10. Hey guys, someone know how to make \n (enter) working in locale_game? Thanks for answers! Sincerely, ReFresh
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