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  1. Hello i'm newbie on 40k sf with sources and i have a problem when i try to compile a new client i recently added target info system(done with sf source)only remains to compile the client part of that system and when i try to "Release and start the process" i get this error from visual studio CWebBrowser.lib i tried with 2 client source no one worked i used visual studio 2015 i get that error i installed visual studio 2013 same error .. +I tried to compile the source without any modification just extracted from archive and tried to compile i get that error too ..
  2. Tottaly agree with you but you need to work a bit on 40k serverfiles to learn how to make things you can't delete a new function when you don't know how to delete it from any files not only the call of that function personally for me i'm newbie in 40k sf and it's so damn hard for me to delete or add some new stuff,system! look for example i wanted to implement the target info system and that taked me more than 1 day to put it in the source sf without errors .. now it's work on the SF part then next day comes the client source part and a big problem when i try to compile the new source i get "CWebBrowser.lib is not a valid win32 application"i don't know why i get this i asked the guy that put the sf at download and he says he don't know too xD well what i can do in this case, abandon the current sf and move to another ? xD
  3. Nope don't try to use a 34k server because it's work on diff too the simplest way is to use a 40k sf with source and delete all te "New systems" and keep the original features! the 40k server have some problems you can use dmg hack and it's work 100x dmg and in 16k (daroo)also on 28k you can't use dmg hack i mean you can but it's not gonna work! like how it's work on 40k files try to use dmg hack on 40k client/files and see how it's works then try on 404(rain) 16k,28 and see the difference Enjoy xD
  4. Agree with you but this is the start from 404 you started to play metin you can't let your past because the most famous "40k with source is alive" yea it's alive but isn't like the experience from the 404 when all players would have the same items,bonuses ,etc on 40k that alchemy,sash,energy,etc personally i hate those "New Systems"! Peace!
  5. i think it can work on dedicated server too but i don't know how to make this because i never uploaded servers on dedicated server you can try some tuts on youtube for this i can't help you with this sorry
  6. Hello i seen it's an old post about this serverfiles but all links is down and i seen people still want this serverfile so if saved it on my mega account i can share it with all xD Here it is the serverfile link SF Rain2007 for passwords,installer passowrd is classic Extract pass:mcncc.com Virtualbox login: root Virtualbox password:mcncc.com Navicat user:rootNavicat password:123456 Client For this SFile Metin2US 2007 Client! Please don't delete this post i seen the original post about rain files and all links is down so i decided to Reupload it!
  7. Hello guys i started these days to work on a m2server one classic server xD where i can find this active effect in client? what file.py to edit ? sorry for my bad english i'm from Romania
  8. Problem resolved the server tried to spawn some mobs in map1 but thos mobs didn't existed in navicat mob_proto can someone close it pls ?
  9. Hey I downloaded this client Thx Shogun En I saw all that I say do not go to introduce and pass id must tell you that you should enter metin2client.bin after a starter.bat to do with that " metin2client.bin " 'll leave it to download for those who still want to use this client know that the topic is old but I wanted to take it to your own server to play with my friends a really nice game from 2004 to 2007 sf rain are from Romania and I used Google Translate regards Metin2Dev Ro am vazut pe toti ca spun ca nu merge sa introduca id si pass trebuie sa va spun ca trebuie sa introduceti metin2client.bin si dupa sa faceti un starter.bat cu acel "metin2client.bin" o sa-l las la download pentru cei care inca vor sa foloseasca acest client stiu ca topicul este vechi dar am vrut sa-l iau pentru propriul server sa ma joc cu prietenii mei un joc cu adevarat frumos din 2004 cu sf 2007 rain sunt din Romania si am folosit Google Translate Salutari Metin2Dev Download 1 http://www.filedropper.com/metin2starter2004 Download 2 http://www.girlshare.ro/34799451.5 Download 3 http://www.fileshare.ro/e31635881 Ro Am pus 3 download-uri pentru ca daca unul o sa down sa puteti descarca de pe celelalte site-uri En I put 3 downloads because if one will down you can download from other sites
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