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  1. It was not working because, i add function before sash system, and sash disable slots: Soluction, add xP3NG3Rx tutorial after all others. like this: print:
  2. This don't do the same? Why so many lines for a simple code
  3. Does >> this << help? quest
  4. Any help? https://prnt.sc/130297i [edit] soluction for me
  5. did you look >> here <<
  6. you can find that in 2010 clients
  7. it's all working. But server dont save items in db. If i create one item like /i 19 and logout\login i will not have the sword and navicat DB is 100% clean on items table. Why?
  8. Change: if (aiChangeProb == NULL) For aiChangeProb <= 0 and trie
  9. It's hard to know if someone is reseller or not ? Many players sell same system. Close the topic please!
  10. I bought for other guy in other forum. And he dont support because he say "the system i sell to you is working" And he have right. Cuz system is working nice... But not with stack stones
  11. After i add stackable Stones in Gaya System i got this bug: https://gyazo.com/a700859faced6dd07e42cce989a42c7f Any help in here please? Function() remove all pack instead of only one stone.
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