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  1. Change: if (aiChangeProb == NULL) For aiChangeProb <= 0 and trie
  2. It's hard to know if someone is reseller or not ? Many players sell same system. Close the topic please!
  3. I bought for other guy in other forum. And he dont support because he say "the system i sell to you is working" And he have right. Cuz system is working nice... But not with stack stones
  4. After i add stackable Stones in Gaya System i got this bug: https://gyazo.com/a700859faced6dd07e42cce989a42c7f Any help in here please? Function() remove all pack instead of only one stone.
  5. I dont wanna add button xD I wanna close the channelboard with ESC key
  6. If u real belive in this "giving free things to be more credible on this forum to work clean" why u delete after "giving" !? Will make forum more clean?! Anyway, i'm out!
  7. In all community there's maybe 20% of nice and respect persons! Some will say thank you, some will not. Some will be glad, and some will take that "info" and post it in other foruns and say; "Hey, look for what i have make"! But most of the guys, are simple noob at starter and keep noob after know something. Because, when they dont know anything about metin come to ask for help, but when they know one or two things, they delete all "owne topics" because "no one say thankyou" xD But u have right, and i agreed with u: "Learn to live in a community" we all have to learn, lik
  8. Lols u serius! I will take some time, but i will remove all likes i give to u! If u are in here for "like hunter" go to facebook.
  9. how to add command only to make animation?
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