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  1. I am looking for someone who is good with mediawiki if you're good and you're reading this thread contact me as soon as possible
  2. Hi send me a pm with your skype i saw the post where you were looking for a web developer

  3. I think the "MAN" that you sold this system told you that he was busy because he doesn't know nothing so it's a fucking reseller..
  4. Don't trust him, last day i gave him my websites before the payment and he after told me that my site was pubblic Don't trust HIM he before ask the site and after he don't pay And he says that ddos my internet connection like a child
  5. #Push New Features for next month: Multi Language System (EN, PT) Shop System Decoration King Regards NewRazerStars Team
  6. Hi can you accept me on skype?
    I'm Service Mt2

    1. Nelsonix


      I want to buy a service about this thread:

       if you can accept me on skype or you can add me on skype my contact is: [email protected]

    2. Nelsonix


      Why you're offline in skype bro?


      My boss have wrote you :)

  7. → INTRO ← → COMMUNITY ← → DOWNLOAD ← Video Presentazione by Markus After this small graphic presentation we thank the [BA] Kiz We would like to show you some small details about Gameplay. → General Features ← Liv Max. 120 Max NO BONUS 6/7 Complete Alchemy Stolen of four types Energy System Bonus list in the mini task bar Recycle / Recycle items in the mini task bar Change Equip. In the mini task bar Manual switch with F5 key AFK mode with F6 key Offline Store at Time Sale windows with 120 slots Login change interface 60 Mount with your own bonuses 50 Pet Normal 7 Pet with evolution 7 Dungeon re-elaborate 65 Costumes Item with different durations based on game levels Biologist Missions by Liv. 30 to 90+ mission Liv. 120 → Start Login ← - Fundamentals - Black panther with strong bonus against animals - Initial ring from liv 15 with only 50 uses -Buy Welcome with Little Exp Exp and All Slots Open -Call Level 1 with maximum call -Infinite mantel lasting 30 days The login lycans will be forced to complete the main mission for the birth of the lycan and the arrival of the villages. You will not receive the initial ring until the mission completes. → Crafter of the village ← The Hwangs are from a minimum of 80. They are present in more items of the final PVM set and PvP internal items of level 105. → Security System ← Oltre i fondamentali controlli di sicurezza nella parte web e client abbiamo deciso di prendere precauzioni creando i seguenti meccanismi di sicurezza in gioco. - Anti GM HELP This video shows how a Staffer was made informatically impossible to get an item out of his character in any way. Only the GF will have the ability to deliver items externally in case of significant events or needs. - Level Each map has a minimum level required, so a system has been created that, when accessing the map, controls whether the required level is correct. If you attempt to enter a map at a lower level than your own, a message will appear across the server, informing everyone of the attempted firing from the system, which will immediately bring the player to the village. Any missed attempt will be marked in the database so it will be sanctioned in the future. - Chat Normal chats and calls are automatically checked in case of insults or words do not consonate. Every message sent within the game is recorded in our databases for any problems. In case of writing spam or other types of violations, the server will automatically block the chat by scoring a violation point on the account. Once a number of infringements have been reached, the account will be banned for a total of days provided by the game rules. → Environment ← In the client you have the ability to keep track of the time taken by your computer then from anywhere in the world where you are playing. This control will allow the client to set a different climate in the game according to the time, thus changing 4 times sky / air / fog. Hours 05.00 The dawn is rising 08.00 Full day 17.00 Climate Evening and sunset 21.00 The night with moon and dark climates → Dew liv 105 15% Magic resistance ← → Block parchment← → Kill System ← From the first login in the game, you will notice the presence of a mission paper called Counter Kills. This counter will present two options, namely Kill Mob and Kill PG. Starting with order we start from KILL MOB: -From level 50 each deleted Mob will attribute + 1 point to counter - Checking in the kill mob squad panel we will notice in yellow a little explanation that he will say: "Totalized 250,000 kills mob, the counter will be formatted by giving you a MOB BOX" -This knob will have a structured drop. KILL PG (105) KILL PG has the following key principles: - The minimum allowable amount to receive a Kill pg point is 105. -The Kill will be attributed only and only to levels that will range from +15 to -15 levels of difference from the pg level that kills. -After reaching level 105, you will be able to access the "KILL PG (105)" panel In the following panel you will have two options to view the scores or: #KILL TOTAL #KILL FOR KINGDOM Each killing will be marked both depending on the kingdom and the total counter. Why so? Simply the score for kingdoms will always be informed about the killing made. The total score instead RUNS THE 400 KILL, at login you will assign a KILL BOX resetting the 400 points. → Serial Kill System ← At level 120 a further system will come into force. After each killing, if you own the 120 level, it will take a "8 SECOND" duration time These 8 Seconds will allow you to run a SERIAL KILLING or MASTER SKILL or a chain of kills. If the Kill Continues will be within 8 Seconds, you will notice the following: 1st KILL = NO MESSAGE - no prize 2nd KILL = "DOUBLE KILL" - no prize 3 ° KILL = "TRIPLE KILL" - no prize 4th KILL = "QUAD KILL" - no prize 5 ° KILL = "CHAIN KILLER" - no prize 6 ° KILL = "MASTER KILLER" When you reach 6 consecutive kills, all the server will know of the master kill reached and you will receive several prizes Obviously arrived at 6 Kill instantly will rincomince from 0, keeping the UNITED KINGDOM / TOTAL. → Ampoules of experience← From the bottegaia you will be able to buy a flush of empty experience at 15kk. Once the ampoule is filled it will be as follows You will understand the creator level from the minimum ampoule level. This ampoule has been filled by a level 50. It can be used from 50 to 115 in order to facilitate the climb to the maximum level of multiple characters including shamani buffer of your account. If a layer 115 fills an ampoule it will have as range ranges 95 to 115. More information about the amps is available in our forums by clicking here → Offline Store ← Within the offline store you can sell items with a space of 120 slots available. The maximum term of the offline store is 3 days. The offline store can be opened from the mini game taskbar. For opening a silk bag and 5kk yang are required. The store has a bank containing all the yangs earned during offline sales. → Considerations ← The staff currently consists of few members, we will soon open selections to enlarge the staff. The GamePlay has been structured in detail to gain every progress and be rewarded with every effort in the right way. In the old version of this server we have had the pleasure of seeing many people playing and we have been trusted by so many of you. The greatest thanks goes to those who participated in BETA and who has always supported the project. We remind you that you are always kind to respecting our regulations in the forum and to help you at any time by using the forum or media you prefer. For any problems or private reporting contact email [email protected] or via skype. The staff is always available for any event. Greetings [GF]Cogo [GA]FIXER [BA]Kiz [GR]Exe [TM]Bliz [GM]Sacrifice [SGM]Lody [H]dragonlord image: http://www.razerstars2.it/favicon.ico RATE EXP E YANG 40% NEL WEEKEND image: http://www.razerstars2.it/RATE.jpg **** THE SERVER IS ALREADY OPEN SINCE 22th January 2017 ****
  8. Don't sell or buy NOTHING from this SCAMMER
  9. why you write fail server? that trouble you? go to hide that you're just jealous of the work of others it seems to me that the child here you are :| #BUMP Anyone have a solution?
  10. Lol, you who have evidence? who are you to say that? Do not make me laugh and put a hand

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