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  1. End of Days World is available in English language. One of the best hungarian server, what is running over 2 years has arrived to you. Open date: 2017.12.09. We would like to introduce yout to our pvm/pvp server! Main specifications: - Elf character is available -Max level: 200 at the moment -Max Status Points: 125 -Snowman Metins with soccer ball drop -New maps, new monsters -New armors, weapons -New Elf costumes -New mounts -Yang multiplier: 400% , Experience point multiplier: 400% , Item drop multiplier: 400% -Endless bravery cape, bonus table -Chest drop
  2. Hello do you know everyone send for me granny 2.9 to 2.4 or 2.6 converter? Thank you Sorry my bad english
  3. Hello I search mob level max 255+ but dont find... do you know everyone send for me one topic or description how make 255+ level monsters? if i make 270 level mobs and my level 270, no give exp, and the client write 1 level... Sorry my bad english Thank you
  4. Thank you this tutorial, do you know how make multi language chat? Example: when 9003.chat."letter" begin i tried when 9003.chat.t('translate.lua.say_1') and when 9003.chat.(t('translate.lua.say_1')) but no works :S Sorry my bad english
  5. Hello I found a mistake the wolfman skills: if I activate it Crimson Wolf Soul -t the character reduces the offensive value in a window then, but grants the plus offensive value meanwhile, so only the publication wrong Somebody knows it at this we the solution?
  6. I would like you to present a Hungarian private server the End of days World!End Of Days World join!!We would like you to present the Pvm/pvp server. No lag no bugsKey features: -Max level 250 -Max Stat: 125 -Soccer and ball drop -New tracks, New monsters, New weapons -New armors -New mounts -New Exp multiplier, yang multiplier highlighted -Infinite mantle, bonus table -Belt system -Pvp point system, war and Imperial map only, and only 10% and 20% you can rotate the objects can be added at Skills Uriel, lv15 > lv50 lv35, levels, NPCs can be found in the rot
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