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    1. Mano


      no please xD

  2. Hey all, I'm trying to compile libjpeg on vs17 but each time i run the compile command i got this error I'm following the steps from this https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12652178/compiling-libjpeg I don't know what is the problem and i really need help Edit : i fixed it i just was using the wrong makefile (makefils.vs is the one working for vs17) Kind regards
  3. thanks guys for your help but i don't get it till now
  4. it's not a project so i can't build it They are 5 files with no sln file so i can't build it If you tell me how to do that i'd be grateful
  5. i don't understand ? what do you mean ?
  6. I updated the toolset to the new one
  7. I did but this error remain unsolved
  8. is there anything besides cryptopp that needs to be compiled ?
  9. Hey there, I started using vs17 cause it helps me alot with my study but i can't compile metin2 source code on it due to this error Error LNK1104 cannot open file 'libjpeg-MT.lib' There were other errors but i managed to fix 'em but for this i didn't solve it Any suggestions ? Kind regards.
  10. Well, I recommend you to get back and watch it as it's began to be so epic from season 9
  11. Got it. It's also from instancebase.cpp If you're using martysama source that mean you will not face problem like that
  12. So what? i'm happy that you can do it Already fixed months and months ago
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