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  1. Navicat -> Player DB -> Design Shop_Item Table -> Search count -> Change to smallint and 4
  2. uitooltip line 864 - you have tab error. ckeck your tabs
  3. Nice System and works good, but my Character is Lv 120 (max) and if i change Conq.Lv to 1, the AttachTitle dont change the normal playerlevel to conq. level If i ride a horse, the level will be updated for 2 seconds and then change back to lv. 120
  4. uiInventory.py Search: def RefreshBagSlotWindow(self): Find this: self.wndItem.RefreshSlot() if self.wndBelt: self.wndBelt.RefreshSlot() Add below: if 53001 <= itemVnum and 53051 >= itemVnum: metinSocket = [player.GetItemMetinSocket(slotNumber, j) for j in xrange(player.METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM)] if slotNumber >= player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE*self.inventoryPageIndex: slotNumber -= player.INVENTORY_PAGE_SIZE*self.inventoryPageIndex isActivated = 0 != metinSocket[1] if isActivated: self.wndItem.ActivateSlot(slotNumber) else: self.wndItem.DeactivateSlot(slotNumber)
  5. Following problem: I have added the shoulder sash system. The shoulder strap goes into the imaginary costume braid. The effect that it has been equipped is also displayed. In the item_proto, the value3 is adapted to the index in the .msm (root) (since no scale). The paths to the respective .gr2 files of the sash are correct. Granny was also upgraded from 2.4 to 2.9 and The Granny (.gr2) also with the Bulkconverter. Now the sash are still invisible ....
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