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  1. Insane


    Message me. I have full version working like official.
  2. Hi everyone, I have a little problem .. I have formated my computer yesterday, and now when i try to open EterNexus or other program to extract .eix/epk files i can't do it because msvcrc100.dll I have serach on web, and i have try some thing but i can't resolve the problem .. Someone can help me ? Thanks, Kind Regards, Insane
  3. No, i'm not using a VPN .. Someone told me to wait 24hours because the money was sent by credit cardcard to PayPal .. Can this be the "problem" ? And no, i'm not a hacker
  4. What ? Can you explain me .. ? :s Thanks ..
  5. Hi everyone, I've a little problem with PayPal .. I've received a payment by one of my costumers, and i it's all ok .. the money is in my account, but, when i try to use this money ( pay something or send it to anyone, i can't do it .. ) When i try to send the money apears a message - translated to english looks like " Sorry but we can't send your payment now " - I i've received payments a lot of times and this problem have never happen .. Someone know what's wrong ? Thanks .. Kind Regards, Insane
  6. You will realy lose a lot of money doing the trade by websites ..
  7. Hi, You can trust in someone and do that trade but will be a really hard work . Some websites do this trade ( paysafecard to paypal ), but you will lose a lot of money ( be carefull with some websites - some of them can be fake ) . In my opinion you should put this money in your paysafecard account and use it . Well, Good luck . Kind Regards, Insane
  8. Now, you can buy this system from me Kind Regards, Insane
  9. Thanks, I've test and the trade window don't close If i release it maybe will be not for free Kind Regards, Insane
  10. Hi, I'm here to show my new Trade System. I'm working in this system a long time ago with a friend and finally, it's finished . Example: If you are in Shinsoo Kingdom and one player of Chuncho want to buy you something , you don't need to go to Shinsoo Kingdom . You can negociate with him, at distance . How to use this system ? Well, it's very simple, when you log in your account, you will have a quest: Click on the message and: Write de name of the player .. Final result : To 2 players negociate, they don't need to stay with the same map. To use this system 2 players need to be in the same channel ! I'm waiting for your opinions Thanks, Kind Regards, Insane
  11. System works fine . I've test it. Pay attention at TAB Key . Thanks for test Shisui Morion, Shisui didn't copy and past my screen. Look at the map .
  12. Very simple ... look with atention for all code and you will understand .
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