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  1. libmysqlclient.so is incompatible with elf_i386_fbsd Someone knows how to fix this?
  2. Hi, I debug the vanilla core and I'm getting this types of error * thread #1, name = 'db', stop reason = signal SIGABRT * frame #0: 0x20af7ca3 libc.so.7`__sys_thr_kill + 7 frame #1: 0x20af61ab libc.so.7`_raise + 59 frame #2: 0x20a7269f libc.so.7`abort + 79 frame #3: 0x00458d97 db_core`emergency_sig(int) + 55 frame #4: 0x209766b9 libthr.so.3`___lldb_unnamed_symbol101$$libthr.so.3 + 201 frame #5: 0x20975bf2 libthr.so.3`___lldb_unnamed_symbol82$$libthr.so.3 + 386 thread #2, name = 'db', stop reason = signal SIGABRT frame #0: 0x20a0b3a9 libc.so.7`__sys__umtx_op + 5
  3. I tried to use it but it seems that I need to use putty as the listener of SSH to connect to the VPS and when I try to save settings on putty it never holds what I saved..
  4. Anyone knows if is possible to connect Visual Studio Core to SSH to freebsd? I tried using Microsoft Extensions but it seems that doesn't support Freebsd just Debian/Ubuntu/linux
  5. If a serverfiles is a leak of the original content, and they have rights on they content I think they have legal rights to put someone down if they trie to recreate their game What I want to know if they are still seeking to put down private servers? or if in those 5 years did they put someone down after that Some servers that went down Rubinum was one of those too
  6. I know they did some legal action on some servers thats why I wanna know how is it right now
  7. Thats from the client I'm speaking on the serverside.. If u redo all the client too, everything is changed just the concept is the same
  8. Being a open source core made by you does GameForge have rights to apply legal implications against Private Servers? I mean they dont own the core..
  9. Hi guys, I've been away from Mt2 for quite some years, I saw the big GameForge seek to shutdown all Private Servers. I wanted to know how is the state of Private Servers in 2021, is still viable to do a Private Server? Is private servers still playable?
  10. Hi guys i trie change my NPC´s texture and some of them aparead inside of the underground like that: Sry For bad english Can someone help me?
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