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  1. can i be part of it? By the power of chucc i bless all of you
  2. It's not so hard u should managed fast if u read documentation from dx9
  3. Done , thank you and srry for not putting price i didn't know
  4. The price is 300 E Ok so we updated the old version and added new things. (check new video) You have posibility to set-up bet reward value from source You have gambling option for trying to guess the right card for every type of coin (max 5 guess). The system works with yang , items , coins etc fully customizable We added some effects with fire on winning lines for improving user experience. You have a button wich change coin type instant. Packets with gambling money , posible winning if u guess the card in real time. totally random. All the functions are here. Pm for more information Cheers.
  5. Today we will post in sell section with all information that u need. With new videos etc.
  6. nice loading timer visual , 1-1 vegas version. Just to know we didn't make the jump button cause i can't get the utility of it :-? And here is not for hate it was posted in general section to get advice of improvents until we will post in sale area . Cheers
  7. Yes it is possible where the tooltip is sent that argument "desclist" you declare something else like test1 = player.getdbinfo and u have to make into the source binary that function who read tables from db
  8. I sold it to jotuns2 ^^ pm with your skype id
  9. send me your skype in private message
  10. Hi i saw your post about duplicate connection on OX map . Could u help me to make that function for other maps. because map_attender is only on OX function.

    I want to make it through getmapindex.

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    2. Ken


      You have to keep IP address in the map to search it. Then you can find the multiple connections from the map. I did this for ox event. It's probably be same.

    3. r0bertt69


      It didn't work when i used getmapindex function to read ip connection . Cause function use m_map_attender from ox . An that function i don't have on other maps.

    4. Ken


      You have to keep that IP address which map index you want. If you can't, you can't check it.

  11. @Thanatos yes why not :-?? Hope to find a solution
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