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Status Updates posted by Alina

  1. Hey guys! Since I'm no longer a developer, should I still continue developing? :o

    This strange universe :D

    1. mbivol10


      Strange Universe Indeed, If you're not a developer then what are you ^^? 

  2. Hey! I don't like maps :( :D

  3. EEC development continued! :)

  4. Oh, the aurora is coming soon. Can't you see it?

  5. EEC sadly cancelled. It'd take me about 100 hours to upload it :(

    But fear not, I'll do something else...

  6. Easy Extended Compiler x86 (EEC) is coming very soon!

  7. Project widened! I'll soon release a vpc for easy compiling sources with clang! Source packages are following soon with every mainline you wish. Let's wake up the section a bit ;)

  8. Currently under development: Virtual vpc for compiling vanilla source (or other sources of course) with clang. Expect it (yay! and stuff..) soon :)

  9. You are now my minion :>

    1. Tülay


      What do you mean ؟

    2. Alina


      I mean that you are my minion. You follow me, I'm your master now. Accept your fate.

    3. Tülay


      Loooooool :P

  10. New avatar for new metin2dev design! Yay! Ehm.. Okay, it's not that cool but who cares?

  11. Currently working: Caching implementation :D

  12. Gotta go leave for a while. Good luck to everyone! :)

  13. Time to make a post system! :D DHL-mt2 style! :D

  14. I'm boooored :D

  15. Oh, well, I should've done that before reading it. Then I wouldn't have read it. And I'd be happy. -- That's what she said

  16. What should I do next? :o

  17. I'm onto something! :)

  18. Currently developing metin2 elevation :)

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