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  1. rip chacc's porncoreTM is now in trouble now porn industry will fail gg
  2. Hi Devs I came here today to make memes for us, wait no... nevermind. I came here to share a tool i've done a while ago but postponed its completion until now(2/3 months after i think), i consider that its ready for public use even tho, testing is needed to pop up secrets of the unknown and of course, improvements https://github.com/OriDevTeam/Instant-Manager What does it do? The tools has many functionalities as: Managing the server, set it Online/Offline, convert TXT data automatically before boot, Quest management such as add/remove/reload quests with a simple multiple choice menu Configure the tool/server settings completely, since its based on Settings profile you can have multiple settings for your server, it completely automatically generates channels/cores and its configurations based on some minor info you provide Debug choice with your favorite debugger(we all know LLDB is the best, but go ahead and pick your poison), although this one i didn't complete, yet Backup management is still in development as well, check the repository for news Update functionality, if there is a new version of the tool, simply click this option and voila, its updated! How was this done and why? I made this tool to learn more about Bash and since there was always bad management scripts for server-side stuff, i decided to make it. Another reason was i was trying to port the server to windows so i got more interested to build something that was multi-platform, and fun fact, i coded this initially for Msys, later on i started to port to FreeBSD/Debian for testing, so yeah must work in majorly any Linux distributions if you have Bash and some packages, nothing that biggie. How can i use it? Check the Git Repository(link is above) and the Readme page/section does what to do, quite simple. Can i contribute to it? Of course, just Fork the repository and do your stuff, request a revision via GitHub and i'll check it out. Any issues, suggestions, etc should be done in GitHub Best Regards.
  3. I dont believe that would help in reality. The best thing you can do is do some checkpoints and track everything movement related, animation assignment, update, etc, that can be relevant. I took a look but i could not find anything tho, i also interested in this tho, but i can't really spend time on it unfortunately. I may do a extense research on this later, if i do and find it meanwhile, ill post it. Regards
  4. Check the packet about position and rotation and see if there is any reference. I bet its on the move packet, a quick look at its receiving and parsing: bool CPythonNetworkStream::RecvCharacterMovePacket() Therefore, i noted this on the rotation: kNetMoveActorData.m_fRot=kMovePacket.bRot*5.0f; Why would it be needed to multiply it by 5? An if im not wrong, the way the character in the print, he always rotates to left(maybe its positive, im not sure about it, i dont know much about how rotation values work tho). Tomorrow ill have a look at the code to see if i find anything and test that one. Regards
  5. If he wants to make a server, with real work out of it, why wouldnt he profit of it? Profit surely will improve his project if joined with dedication, he can do something out of a game that never was complete tho. About ur search vanilla, i dont think the best thing is searching a team by making a topic, if you have someone inside the scene of m2 that has some knowlegde, you would get more with that kind of people, friends or known guys you speak to. Regards.
  6. He could release the source of it by making a repo where the comunity could improve the program. I also have many ideas and changes to make, but in the WE without major bugfixes i wont do it because its just giving work away tho. When can we expect updates? Regards.
  7. Btw i forgot about WORD, its 2 byte sized, a windows typdef that normaly is ushort. And the problem is in Character Parts, they deal with the vnums about visual items on characters. Hope to have helped something.
  8. I also searched for int16 and ushorts, debugged model and icon path to see if they get correctly loaded and its all fine, but the limitation is no where to be found. Im sure it is on the client binary tho, but already analised alot of logic functions and i dont see any failure. Regards
  9. Make a for loop from 0 to 3, create ALL the textlines in it, give the properties to the textlines, give the proper spacings, check if the bonus type and value arent null and assign them to the control list. It could be better, but i think its fine, although i dont know if i need to create a different signed component tho I didnt test, but i dont see why it shouldnt work. Regards.
  10. Can you provide the proto line of that item? Maybe i forgot a simple thing, im not much of a proto handler, since i dont really like it... Thanks in advance.
  11. Hey dev. I was wondering why people never added more than 1 bonus in a metin stone, so i tried and apparently it only appears one. I didnt search in the source yet, but is visual bug, bonus limit or my mistake? Thanks in advance.
  12. Well, i did not remember that the data type divides itself, so on overflow it begins on lower number. I did not fixed it yet, but its only needed to change BYTE to an higher data type, like DWORD is enough. Cya
  13. Hello all, i am trying to change the max limit speed for movement and attack on server-side but one thing occurs i changed GetLimitPoint() for 500/1000/2000/3000(and some other numbers between), i checked ALL related with movement and atack speed, even speedhack and etc And the speed becomes strange. When it reaches 256, it becomes 0, so imagine if you set 256, it becomes 0, if you set 512 it becomes 0, if you set 768 it becomes 0, and so on. I debuged ALL outputs on movement and attack functions, but nothing outputs the problem, very wierd. Also checked in the client, but the problem is clearly not from there.
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