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  1. Hello! Could you tell me how it would be a script php to delete the account, character, shop offline or everything from the account?
  2. Hi devs I need to put skill on boss? skill00 etc.. File nice boss o/ https://mega.nz/#!qwInjYqY!fca4V-JK130UY-L_a32wsil3skDVtl29ltNqgSWdZUM
  3. Hi devs! 5 seconds to use item 22010? (item return to local) http://prntscr.com/lnw1cs
  4. price metin stone and map?
  5. hi devs! When player will teleport crash. npc and quest item teleport. help syserr client: 1128 00:02:31074 :: Not a valid .WAV file: sound/common/walk_grass_n.wav 1128 00:02:31074 :: CSoundManager3D::GetInstance (filename: sound/common/walk_grass_n.wav) 1128 00:02:31453 :: Not a valid .WAV file: sound/common/walk_grass_n.wav 1128 00:02:31453 :: CSoundManager3D::GetInstance (filename: sound/common/walk_grass_n.wav) 1128 00:02:34684 :: Not a valid .WAV file: sound/common/walk_grass_n.wav 1128 00:02:34684 :: CSoundManager3D::GetInstance (filename:
  6. amosth

    Bug quest biologist

    When I create a new player, everything is fine.
  7. amosth

    Bug quest biologist

    the bug is in the database player> quest only some players have this problem.
  8. Hello, how are you? Can someone help me with this bug? All quest are visible. Example one quest ---------------------------------------------------- --COLLECT QUEST_lv40 --METIN2 Collecting Quest ---------------------------------------------------- quest collect_quest_lv40 begin state start begin end state run begin when login or levelup with pc.level >= 40 and not pc.is_gm() begin set_state(information) end end state information begin when letter begin local v = find_npc_by_vnum(20084) if v != 0 then target.vid("__TARGET__",
  9. void CInputMain::SafeboxCheckin(LPCHARACTER ch, const char * c_pData) if map? example map 21?
  10. when this error appears the client closes. errorlog.exe http://prntscr.com/lfq9yt
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