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  1. I search for a pet system full unbugged .Does anyone can send me a link(of the topic) please?
  2. I mean the place exactly you want to warp for example 100,200
  3. send me the coordinates you want to warp
  4. a pet system i found on just4metin
  5. I am using pet system official and i have some errors. here is my game.core item_mananger.cpp(line 603-624)
  6. Now when i run client,after the select character phase,i get this error in my sysser. my uipetsystem.py I have in my locale_it these two files:pet_skill_bonus,pet_skill
  7. Version of Files : XXX [[ Hi / Hello / Hey... ]] [[ It is a template to help you with your problem... ]] 1. Description of the problem / Question : 1st)I try to compile my source (server) and i get the following error.The error is becoming from pet system. 2)What componets should i install to compile cryptopp on visual studio 2019? [[ Tell us everything ! ]] 2. SysErr ( Client / Server ) / SysLog ( Server ) Thanks, Sincerly, BH4E
  8. Are there any quality cheap hosting that you know from there?
  9. Q1)can someone give me a good and cheap hosting link for metin2? Q2)is there a country that hasn t got copyrights law ?
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