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  1. Edit: #[email protected]: gcc ld-elf.so.1: /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/gcc not found [email protected]:~ # uname -a FreeBSD vps12.2-RELEASE-p7 FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE-p7 GENERIC i386 The trouble is on libc.so.7 i think,when i run the command gcc i get the up error I reninstalled gcc and i get the same error.
  2. How can i see which is the last gcc version that my freebsd supports?Can you tell me your skype please to help me a bit,because i have this trouble some days and it 's really stressful . ?
  3. I don't know what is jail,i am using marty's source , please can you explain me a little bit more because i am don't have many knowledges on using gcc and freebsd?
  4. I did upgrade but nothing change :)
  5. /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/g++ not found expr: syntax error /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/g++ not found expr: syntax error expr: syntax error compiling BattleArena.cpp compiling FSM.cpp compiling MarkConvert.cpp compiling MarkImage.cpp /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/g++ not found /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/g++ not foundgmake: *** [Makefile:188: .obj/BattleArena.o] Error 1 /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/g++ not foundgmake: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs.... /lib/libc.so.7: version FBSD_1.6 required by /usr/local/bin/g++ not foundgmake: *** [Makefile:188: .obj/FSM.o] Error 1 gmake: *** [Makefile:188: .obj/MarkConvert.o] Error 1 gmake: *** [Makefile:188: .obj/MarkImage.o] Error 1
  6. No , go in putty: Write 1)cd /YOUR PATH/Source_Folder 2) cd .. 3) rm -rf Source_Folder
  7. i have an old backup of tar gz(NOT .SQL EXTENSION)(i think mysql5,6 ) and i want to use it to mysql v8.What can i do to convert it? EDIT: I SOLVED IT BY GIVING SOME WATER TO MY LAPTOP
  8. Could not increase number of max_open_files to more than 28665 (request: ) From where can i change this configuration?
  9. I want to host a test server(vps - freebsd) somewhere,any suggestions?
  10. You dont have experience, you are overthinking and speak. On online websites to be protected you should try harm your self firstly. I will call you Mr Einstein. Thanks brother alot
  11. I am using an old website for my business so I want ask you: If a website is vulnerable in sql injections and has cloudflare protection , is there a way to bypass it(probably yes).Are there any scripts that can bypass cloudflare to check my protection?
  12. Thanks a lot brother for your answer.Wish you the best
  13. I want to ask you guys ,which is the best method for using a proxy(ONION) server on selenium? Do you know any free onion proxy servers? Please give me some examples in coding if you want to help me Wishing you all the best guys
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