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  1. Hello everyone, a while ago I used server files lycan, however I do not remember if it was item_proto or mob_proto, but one of them did not succeed in being unzipped. Could someone give me an extractor with this new structure? Thank you in advance and apologize for my English.
  2. Não da para modificar pelo Client?
  3. Where can I find the characters that are in character creation? I wanted to change the part of the character creation itself. Thank you.
  4. Have you tried to return the old lzo to see if this is it?
  5. Hello guys! I was creating a map in World Editor Remix and went well. I saved everything that needed to be added to the map at the server and client. Everything went in perfect order, but when I use the / Warp to teleport, I ended up being teleported to another map that does not use the same coordinate map BasePosition I created. Does anyone have a solution or could help me clarify the mind? Thanks in advance !
  6. When I add a texture on the ground and give Ctrl + Z to remove it always comes down some of the objects down the interface. Does anyone know a solution to this problem? Thanks in advance.
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