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  1. he will never release v10...i send him thousand of messages and he never answer.....why nobody close the topic?...indeed he is a genius but why he s acting like that?why he never answer on skype or discord???how many exams he can have?:))really....
  2. marty when you will answer me on skype???you told me to send you a message on skype,again and i m still waiting for an answer!
  3. and we still wait an answer for him....i send him a lot of message on skype and i still have no answer from him...we pay a lot for this source and he don t answer anymore from over 1.5 year
  4. Also i have the same problem,is a good guy,offer a good service,but i don t know why is acting like that...i send him a lot of message and he never answer
  5. Hello, Is possible to rewrite the whole mt2 in unity c# and c++?...first of all i want to try to import the all models(map,terrain,character) in unity but i don't know how to import it.....has someone on ideea or wich plugin i must to use to import?
  6. Belive me,i also hate the new system...i want to try to open a server but a really old server....actually i wish to find a 34k source or to change 40k to 34k but i don t have enough knowledge about programming,i'm still learning
  7. @martysama0134 I bought the source 2.5 years ago from you marty, i will attach 2 photo to see from what about i'm talking.maybe you will answer me on skype and you will can help me please.
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