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  1. I think nowadays nobody does things like that in lua.
  2. didn't test but in theory it can works void regen_free_in_map(int32_t lMapIndex) { for (auto& pRegen = regen_list; pRegen != nullptr; pRegen = pRegen->next) { if (pRegen->lMapIndex == lMapIndex) { if (pRegen->prev) pRegen->prev->next = pRegen->next; if (pRegen->next) pRegen->next->prev = pRegen->prev; event_cancel(&pRegen->event); M2_DELETE(pRegen); } } }
  3. Create new function which uses regen_load instead of regen_load_in_file.
  4. If you're writing about fps drops at Seals's floor you can check if stones from previous floor was purged correctly.
  5. If we have giftbox from which we can get unique items (ex. Crescent Moon Ring and Thief Glove) we can't equip them both because they have same special group. bool CItem::IsSameSpecialGroup(const LPITEM item) const { if (this->GetVnum() == item->GetVnum()) return true; if (GetSpecialGroup() && (item->GetSpecialGroup() == GetSpecialGroup())) return true; return false; } into bool CItem::IsSameSpecialGroup(const LPITEM item) const { if (this->GetVnum() == item->GetVnum()) return true; if (GetSpecialGroup() && (item->GetSpecialGroup() == GetSpecialGroup())){ TItemTable * p = ITEM_MANAGER::instance().GetTable(GetSpecialGroup()); if (!p) return true; if (p->bType != ITEM_GIFTBOX) return true; } return false; }
  6. Show us these functions: char.cpp :: CHARACTER::OpenShop(DWORD id, const char *name, bool onboot) char.cpp :: CHARACTER::UpdateShopItems()
  7. Endymion


    I can recommend this man. Good and fast service without any problems.
  8. Are you sure that you want connect to db from client with put your credentials in py file?
  9. void CGuild::P2PChangeGrade(BYTE grade) { using namespace std::placeholders; DBManager::instance().FuncQuery(std::bind(&CGuild::__P2PUpdateGrade, this, _1), "SELECT grade, name, auth+0 FROM guild_grade%s WHERE guild_id = %u and grade = %d", get_table_postfix(), m_data.guild_id, grade); }
  10. nonplayer.GetMonsterName(vnum)
  11. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/875249/how-to-get-current-directory
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