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  1. It would be a good idea to write unsent messages to the database on shutdown, and read them on boot.
  2. /saveati mapindex example It'll create image in your core directory, open that and check if this position isn't red. Red color represens ATTR_BLOCK where you can't login and can't spawn monsters.
  3. struct FCountRaceInMap { size_t count; uint32_t dwVnum; FCountRaceInMap(uint32_t _dwVnum) : dwVnum(_dwVnum), count(0) {} void operator() (LPENTITY ent) { if (!ent->IsType(ENTITY_CHARACTER)) return; LPCHARACTER ch = static_cast<LPCHARACTER>(ent); if (ch->IsPC()) return; if (ch->GetRaceNum() == dwVnum) ++count; } }; size_t SECTREE_MANAGER::GetRaceCountInMap(long lMapIndex, uint32_t dwVnum) { LPSECTREE_MAP sectree = SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetMap(lMapIndex); if (!sectree) return 0; FCountRaceInMap f(dwVnum); sectree->for_each(f); return f.
  4. Look at void CActorInstance::SetShape(DWORD eShape, float fSpecular)
  5. Ahh, I thought it is Owasp's function. You must check in sending packet if there isn't missed adding to buffer things with increasing packet size.
  6. For me, this is the only thing that he can be accused for. Not replying to customers - little but much.
  7. Which function are you using to open dungeon?
  8. I can recommend this guy. Truly professional and I have never had troubles with him.
  9. Hi guys, I found weird problem with weapon's specular. I have 2 characters with Full Moon Sword+9 equipped and now when one of them will change weapon to FMS+0 specular will disapear for both characters. I took a look on that on 2 different servers, both of them got this problem. video:
  10. self.scrollBar.* -> self.contentScrollbar.*
  11. I think nowadays nobody does things like that in lua.
  12. didn't test but in theory it can works void regen_free_in_map(int32_t lMapIndex) { for (auto& pRegen = regen_list; pRegen != nullptr; pRegen = pRegen->next) { if (pRegen->lMapIndex == lMapIndex) { if (pRegen->prev) pRegen->prev->next = pRegen->next; if (pRegen->next) pRegen->next->prev = pRegen->prev; event_cancel(&pRegen->event); M2_DELETE(pRegen); } } }
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