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  1. Yes but! Use ctrl+g or h or j. And Dizer not use Costume mount system.
  2. No no. Here is problem this: Base Riding code added for your character riding bonus: str vit etc point.. If you using this code... pc.mount() So.. Now stop riding and check your Character window ingame. (Bonus cp. VIT, INT, STR ..)
  3. Can you know, how to added? Someone?
  4. Download: workupload.com/file/wZymNkb Password: m2dl-cxlgizeh
  5. Solved! 100% working! Thy for more help....
  6. Okay this problem solved! Now what is this? How to fix?
  7. Hey Metin2dev! How to fix the problem? I added this code: Okay Card System Official What is this error? Here is my code: questlua_pc.cpp. Sorry my english language. I little bit speaking english. questlua_pc.cpp
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