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  1. Does anyone know why when I have more than one race flag (ex: DEVIL, ATT_FIRE) the element isn't showing? If I only have ATT_FIRE on race flag, everything goes fine..
  2. Don't do it, please. Why do you wanna take a serverfiles wich is public and start doing things on it? The serverfiles you take it might be having a lot of problems.. so you don't want this right? Look what I think you should do: As a small advise I can tell ya to take a random serverfiles (game+mysql) remove everything inside of it, keep it clean, and I mean totally clean and then start adding things such a drops, quests, and whatever you need. It is more safer and more easy to maintain if you care about maintaining things. And for the second part (source code), I'd strongly r
  3. I did tried. In so many ways since last night and I am still getting the same results Can you please get me a print screen in your source for these functions? Or they're actually your source itself? Maybe you forgot something, I'm just saying
  4. Does anyone know how to solve visual duplication for 3rd page? I can't figure out where the problem comes from :-?
  5. Hello, guys! I'd like to create my own source and I have few questions for you, if someone could help me. It's FreeBSD 12.0 (amd64) ok to start with? Or wich version of FreeBSD sould I use? Wich one is the more stable at the minute to compile and run an open source on it? Do I have any advantages if I use these new things on the forum like clang-devel, c++2a and so on? And wich source should I use for start? Does anyone know or did tryed a good and clean source?
  6. Well, if I use that function for creating a private map, how does it work? d.join(301) -- creates a map with index 3010000, using SECTREE_MANAGER::CreatePrivateMap right? If I use it again, the next map it will be 3010001, and so on... What I'm trying to do is to create a private map with a specified index, like 3010069. d.join(3010069). You got it now?
  7. Hello, guys! I have this problem, if can I say, with CreatePrivateMap, I would like to create a specified private map like 3050040 for example, It's any function for that or someone who know how to? I only know about d.join, but this function creates the map in asceding orders. 3050000, 305001, 3050002, 3050003, etc. I need something to create a specified value, like d.join(3050040). Sorry for my bad english!
  8. You are english? If you are, it's much more simple for you to do that, because it's about logic.. and it's in english language. For the people who doesn't know english it's much more harder. Take a look http://prntscr.com/fneti0
  9. Open char_battle.cpp and search: CHARACTER::Attack and in this bool function you can put a condition for what do you want. It's so simple, just try harder! This is for your own good. As you see no one doesn't give a sheet for what you want.
  10. To remove protection PK Search in char.cpp else if (GetGMLevel() != GM_PLAYER) and replace with else if (GetGMLevel() != GM_PLAYER && GetGMLevel() != GM_VIP)
  11. Hi! Does anyone how it solve this problem? I pay if needed. Paypal. https://youtu.be/A9B9wrRFahs
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