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  1. Hello to all! I want to know, what is the better way to filling mob_proto/item_proto of server? txt/sql? and why?
  2. May be problem with textures? Can you see shining of this weapon on +9?
  3. Instead minimap retains a black square. What is the problem?
  4. How to create right jump on map for run. d.new_jump_all(225, 16747, 17943) - Where did these coordinates . How to identify them ?
  5. I think, this is index in Pack/root.*** But you need to find this index in assassin_m.msm or another *.msm files. And you can find this index (19, 4991) in item_proto in column "value3"
  6. Made platform. Create it for .mdatr. Plane named Height. But the character falls into it . What is the reason ?
  7. Where to edit or view ? I do not see it in the band at the bottom of the animation window.
  8. How to open an animation gr2 in 3D Max? Import animation does not appear, even when it was opened to the model .
  9. Do the guides about how to properly set up dungeon block in 3dmax? These are the objects that make up : SD2, Grotte, Demon tower and etc.
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