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  1. Yep I think so too, Still, I hope they manage to repair it, it is not easy if they do not know much about c ++, I was able to defend myself because I knew something and in the end I succeeded, but it is as you say, prioritize gcc before clang, have a good day
  2. The guide as a base is very good, but you have to do many more things, In my case have to change extern, boost, change more lines, add others that I did not have, in short, it depends a lot on the source you have, you will have to do half source or just change things xD, keep trying, I was +6 months.
  3. Thanks, work great, but i want ask you something, the first, if someone have this error go to lzo.cpp on EterBase and add: Solved
  4. Hello, actually i'm tryiying to update my src around 1 year and today i finish :)!, this problem for me, is coming to Extern, sometime ins wrong, i recommend you, using a this vdi And using BlackDragon61 guide to gcc (i think you use this guide), change gcc7 to gcc10 and g++10 and c++17 or 11 (i'm using 11) and you can use extern and cryptoPP about this vdi because is actually if you have other problem tell me, sorry my english
  5. Hey sorry to revive this, i have a littel problem when i compile config.cpp someone can give me any idea? pd: i don't edit config.cpp and working great if i don't upgrade source thanks
  6. Amazing!! i hope you can find the web bro!! and it's crazy, ddmt2 online O.o... maybe i try to play, i wonder if the DDmt2 using old files... anyway, I'll be waiting for that website, and I'm sending you strength, by the way, not long ago I saw in some Chinese forums that there was still an official gameforce server.
  7. Thanks for all i hope someday find old web for example ddmt2 .... I don't understand why nothing related to the Asian Metins has survived, it's as if everything suddenly disappeared ... Jp metin2: https://web.archive.org/web/20111113034426/http://www.metin2.jp/ reason for closing: they had problems with the vps, losing all kinds of backups. if someone have know about old webs tell my :(((
  8. Omg @.plechito ' amazing!!! congratulation!! when you finish this dungeon i want i buy!! the best.
  9. edit @ Mali61 i update gcc9 to Clang9, and solved all problems, but i have this error on the end:
  10. source client: Open eterPythonLib / PythonSlotWindow.h search and delate or coment: CGraphicImageInstance * pInstanceLevel; search now in the same file and delate or coment too: void SetSlotLevelImage(DWORD dwIndex, CGraphicImage * levelImage); Now open eterPythonLib / PythonSlotWindow.cpp and search and delate or coment: Slot.pInstanceLevel = NULL; Now search and delate or coment: void CSlotWindow::SetSlotLevelImage(DWORD dwIndex, CGraphicImage * levelImage) { TSlot * pSlot; if (!GetSlotPointer(dwIndex, &pSlot) || !levelImage) return; assert(NULL == pSlot->pInstanceLevel); pSlot->pInstanceLevel = CGraphicImageInstance::New(); pSlot->pInstanceLevel->SetDiffuseColor(1.0, 1.0, 1.0, 1.0); pSlot->pInstanceLevel->SetImagePointer(levelImage); } Search and delate or coment: if (pSlot->pInstanceLevel) { CGraphicImageInstance::Delete(pSlot->pInstanceLevel); pSlot->pInstanceLevel = NULL; } search and delate or coment: if (rSlot.pInstanceLevel) { rSlot.pInstanceLevel->SetPosition(m_rect.left + rSlot.ixPosition, (m_rect.top + rSlot.iyPosition + rSlot.byyPlacedItemSize*ITEM_HEIGHT) - 32); rSlot.pInstanceLevel->Render(); } Now Open eterPythonLib / PythonWindowManagerModule.cpp and search and delate or coment this: PyObject * wndMgrSetSlotImage(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) { UI::CWindow * pWin; if (!PyTuple_GetWindow(poArgs, 0, &pWin)) return Py_BuildException(); int iSlotIndex; if (!PyTuple_GetInteger(poArgs, 1, &iSlotIndex)) return Py_BuildException(); char * szImagePath; if (!PyTuple_GetString(poArgs, 2, &szImagePath)) return Py_BuildException(); if (!pWin->IsType(UI::CSlotWindow::Type())) return Py_BuildException(); UI::CSlotWindow * pSlotWin = (UI::CSlotWindow *)pWin; CGraphicImage * pImage = (CGraphicImage *)CResourceManager::Instance().GetResourcePointer(szImagePath); if (!pImage) return Py_BuildException(); pSlotWin->SetSlotLevelImage(iSlotIndex, pImage); return Py_BuildNone(); } now search delate this or coment this: { "SetSlotLevelImage", wndMgrSetSlotImage, METH_VARARGS }, Now compile and go to root.py/ui.py and search and delate or coment this: ####Item level text/icon ### itemName=item.GetItemName().strip() itemNameP=item.GetItemName().rfind('+') if itemNameP>0 and len(itemName)>itemNameP+1: level=itemName[itemNameP+1:] if level.isdigit(): wndMgr.SetSlotLevelImage(self.hWnd, renderingSlotNumber, ("icon/level/%d.tga"%int(level))) ####Item level text/icon END ### go to icon and delate folder level.
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