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  1. Hey Mali! work great i fix 70057, but i look you have a bug with sun elixir.. if you use elixir, when you click short, your elixir have again 100% and books change name, you have solution???
  2. sorry my english xD i see i try now and i comment here!
  3. Hello TiTaN!! thanks for your answer!! this is my empire_text_convert!! : https://pastebin.com/792qT1FY Hello xP3NG3Rx , i don't have on special_item_group, sorry if i'm wrong, but special not is only to mobs? because you need add "10025"? i know is unique_item but because you add ? is drop? or how work special_group?
  4. You can use polymorhp revome effect by Vegas. I have and work great
  5. Versión de archivos : XXX #edit working now thanks to @xP3NG3Rx and @TMP4 @[TiTAN] Solution, is add group on special_item_group.txt Group ľđľîąÝÁö { Vnum 10025 1 70006 1 1 2 70047 1 1 3 71005 1 1 4 71006 1 1 5 71007 1 1 }
  6. For my not work, my sysser is clean jajaja thx for your code vegas
  7. Sooo simpled ... omg jajajaj THANKS! now work!
  8. JAJAJAJ yes but i think is function how TMP4 he said but.. i don't know :S
  9. Hello thanks!, and yes! shinsoo is only can't read language books, anytime is wrong if you try to read, and never upgrade, but chunjo and jinno cand read :S this is jinno and chunjo
  10. mm i don't know because shinsoo have a problem, well i think is chat global or glass, because ,nono i mean maybe the solution is force used a global chat, but i don't want this, but thanks!
  11. i don't want, but maybe the solution is global chat... i think the error is something here ENABLE_PRISM_ITEM_REQUIRE: 1 <--Glass DISABLE_GLOBAL_SHOUT: 0 <-----Global chat but i don't know.. so someone know..
  12. i know, but i want to mean, the shinsoo empire can't read language, but others empires can read, i use exorcism and Concentrated Reading, but i shinsoo can't read, in chunjo and jinno i can use only exorcism or not use anything and read and work, but shinshoo not
  13. Versión de archivos : XXX Hola Metin2Dev, tengo un pequeño problema con el libro de idiomas. Yo uso 40k Puedo leer libros con el imperio Chunjo y Jinno, y trabajo muy bien, pero cuando trato de usar un Shinsoo, no puedo leer el libro de idiomas, solo fallo y nunca leo 1 ... No sé porque solo este imperio no puede leer, Obviamente utilicé el exorcismo para leer, y verifico char_item.cpp pero no puedo ver nada malo, este es el código: y como puedo poner mas%? ¡¡¡Gracias!!!
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