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Community Answers

  1. I wish I read this post back in 2015 and bought some BTC
  2. Updated the topic with a new product: Premium Private Shop Price: 400€
  3. Not really familiar with GitHub as I mostly use GitLab and it works perfectly fine there. Add gitignore and exclude every unimportant file such as build files & log files and I am sure you will be able to upload there.
  4. Well done. Just a small tip if you wish to make updates on the files, add them to a git repository for better clarity and easier update management.
  5. Here is also a topic about why the std::iterator has been marked deprecated in C++17 and how to replace it [Hidden Content]
  6. A long awaited Premium Private Shop is finally coming. (Design is not final)
  7. Event Manager has received a tiny update. Added own implementation of the event queue. Added an announcement before the actual start of the event as a notice to the players. Added OX, Hide&Seek, Siege War and Kingdom War events that are fully automated and require no administrator presence.
  8. This is the original code from the source, its up to you how you want to edit it. I found no reference about player level limit so I am not sure what you are talking about. Any player that has PK_MODE_PROTECT as his mode and is inside his Empire's map will take no damage from other Empire's players no matter the level.
  9. bool CPVPManager::CanAttack(LPCHARACTER pkChr, LPCHARACTER pkVictim) { [...] { BYTE bMapEmpire = SECTREE_MANAGER::instance().GetEmpireFromMapIndex(pkChr->GetMapIndex()); if ( pkChr->GetPKMode() == PK_MODE_PROTECT && pkChr->GetEmpire() == bMapEmpire || pkVictim->GetPKMode() == PK_MODE_PROTECT && pkVictim->GetEmpire() == bMapEmpire ) { return false; } } }
  10. Python is really slow compared to C++ so you should do the filtering part inside the binary and forward the data to Python and do the visual parts there.
  11. If the game can handle such large data go for it I guess. Much better than sending a fixed amount of items to the user.
  12. Sending a request for every 10 items to the game core does not sound very practical. I cannot imagine how it would even look like as you would meet unnecessary issues like which items have been sent, which items have been removed/changed but not sent yet etc. and with monkeys on the other side of the client it would result in numerous for loops. I would recommend sending a large packet containing every item that meets the search criteria and then categorize them as you want on the client-side.
  13. By default your query function should return a value based on its result, should be a NULL value in case of failure.
  14. Error will be displayed in your server error logs.
  15. You must increase the parent's window height. If I had to guess, most likely "BeltInventoryLayer" window.

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