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  1. section npc 20383 item 11295 1 item 30509 10 item 30516 10 item 30514 10 reward 20000 1 gold 100000 category ARMOR percent 5 end I think it should be clear now that success chance from 5%~50% does not exist and neither does MINDshop Metin2Wiki is often edited by players and you can see the image has been edited since there are 2 different fonts used.
  2. I agree with the idea of moving water texture setting to the map itself. It is much easier to handle and works perfectly fine on my client. Default water texture is no biggie either, one more if statement. Great job and thank you for your contributions with the WorldEditor
  3. Why bother with rewriting a whole system when you can create a new item and make it add and remove affect upon using it. If it is active, set socket(0) to 1 and edit the function that handles active/unactive effect in the inventory and taskbar, you can copy most of it since it is the same for elixirs. For the pet permanent functionality: when you reach 200 days cancel the real time event on the item and add a check so it never starts again if the item has 200 days or more. On the client side modify the code to hide the remaining time if the item has more than 200 days remaning. I hope I could help you :).
  4. CGraphicImageInstance m_WaterInstances[30]; Edit this part in the MapOutdoor.h as well . STATEMANAGER.SetTexture(0, m_WaterInstances[((ELTimer_GetMSec() / 70) % 30)].GetTexturePointer()->GetD3DTexture()); And this in the MapOutdoorWater.cpp. And I believe that buffer is used for the path of the texture and not the actual size of the texture.
  5. If someone has the same issues as me with elements sometimes being shown wrong replace this part of function in char.cpp: for (int i = RACE_FLAG_ATT_ELEC; i <= RACE_FLAG_ATT_DARK; i *= 2) { int diff = raceFlag - i; if (abs(diff) <= 1024) break; } to this: for (int i = RACE_FLAG_ATT_ELEC; i <= RACE_FLAG_ATT_DARK; i *= 2) { curElementBase++; if (raceFlag & i) break; }
  6. I get this part and it is actually very easy to do. What I am stuck with is sending the arguments from server to client. I don't know how to store them actually, this is the biggest issue for me.
  7. void CHARACTER::AutoRecoveryItemProcess(const EAffectTypes type) char_item.cpp
  8. Heya everyone! I got stuck at sending arguments from server to client. Could anyone give me a hint on how to do this or enlighten me how official servers did it? Thank you in advance!
  9. Dear Community, I would like to start by introducing myself. I have been in the Metin2 scene under this nickname for quite a long time now. In the early days, I have started a project of mine where the goal was to rebuild Metin2 but that ended quite quickly due to low interest from others. Then I moved on and opened my very first private server which gave me a lot of insight and valuable experience on private servers in general. Server, under the name of WarRage2, received mostly positive critiques so I decided I would not abandon this project but instead improve what caused it to disappear in the private server competition. Here I am today, with a polished project and dare to say, with the potential to become one of the best. But one of the reasons I failed at my 1st try is lack of team members and it taught me quite well how important those are. Therefore I am seeking competent individuals who would like to be part of a new journey. More specifically we are looking for people in the fields of promotion, community management, in-game support & 2d art. The only restriction we have is being able to write and speak fluent English language. Inside the team, we like to maintain a professional and fun atmosphere. As of now, there are two of us, both in charge of developing and designing the game. If you are interested, please add me to my Discord(sonitexo#1880) where we will discuss this in detail. Kind Regards, Sonitex
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