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  1. It is actually done through item_attr table. First you need to update apply enum and make sure bonuses are in the same order as in enum EApplyTypes in lenght.h. Then you can go and add a new row in the table and edit bonus' properties.
  2. Hey, its pretty easy to set a timer for quests, here is how: when enter begin pc.setqf("time_limit", get_time() + 30 * 60) -- Set a time limit for this quest (30 Minutes) end when letter begin q.set_clock("Time left", pc.getqf("time_limit") - get_time()) -- Set remaining time text on client's Quest window end -- Check time limit under certain actions and update the quest's state (kill, login, enter, chat, button or info) -- if the time has passed. -- Example: when kill begin if pc.getf("quest_name","limit_time") >= get_time() set_state(failure) end end Also, you only
  3. case USE_ADD_ATTRIBUTE: case USE_CHANGE_ATTRIBUTE: Search for these two in char_item.cpp, they will lead you to item functions that are responsible for adding/changing bonuses.
  4. PythonPlayerInputMouse.cpp void CPythonPlayer::NEW_RefreshMouseWalkingDirection() { CInstanceBase* pkInstMain = NEW_GetMainActorPtr(); if (!pkInstMain) return; switch (m_eReservedMode) { case MODE_CLICK_ITEM: { CPythonItem& rkIT=CPythonItem::Instance(); TPixelPosition kPPosPickedItem; if (rkIT.GetGroundItemPosition(m_dwIIDReserved, &kPPosPickedItem)) { if (pkInstMain->NEW_GetDistanceFromDestPixelPosition(kPPosPickedItem)<20.0f) { CPythonNetworkStream& rkNetStream=CPythonNetworkStream::Instance(); TPixelPosition kPPosCur; pkIns
  5. Yeah double drop bonus is not used by default, you must add its functionality by yourself. I couldn't believe it either, been playing this game for 10 years in a lie haha.
  6. Official Metin stones have their models and textures saved there. Unless you are looking for some custom made ones, they are in metinstone folders at monster/monster2.
  7. For that you can go to game.py and search for these at def __BuildKeyDict(self): You bind your event to the button there and create your new definition of the function in the same class: Normally any window is bound to an interface class (interfaceModule.py) so you would call your GUI from there. For example, here is a function StartExchange from game.py calling StartExchange function at interfaceModule.py (self.interface). And here is this the function from interface class calling exchange window functions.
  8. They are inside metinstone folders at monster/monster2.
  9. There is no quest state trigger unless you make one by yourself. Instead you can go to questmanager.cpp and take a look at this function: void CQuestManager::SetEventFlag(const string& name, int value)
  10. One possible problem is, transmutated weapon is not copied to the newly created item. Take a look at function called RefineWithScroll (or something similar) in char_item.cpp and add the missing part.
  11. char_item.cpp bool IS_SUMMONABLE_ZONE(int map_index)
  12. Literally pinned in Quests category.. Here you go amigo:
  13. Item hyperlink is created by the following function inside PythonPlayerModule.cpp: PyObject * playerGetItemLink(PyObject * poSelf, PyObject * poArgs) And then when you click on the text, it triggers this function on python side, which creates the item tooltip: def MakeHyperlinkTooltip(self, hyperlink): These two are main functions that control item tooltip through hyperlink. Python function is used across the python files like uiChat, game and uiWhisper so you should check those files out as well. I hope this will help you out.
  14. You are missing one of these functions in CHARACTER class: IsCombOpen() IsOpenMailBox() isSashOpened() Check both char.h and char.cpp for these
  15. Ah that one, well as you can see that was almost 5 years ago. They did cancel most of P-Server footage on YouTube but that is about it. Did not cancel any server directly whatsoever.
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