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  1. i have some problems whit this i added this on my server. no problems no issue nothing and when i pick up some items it doublet it here is a Video i added also instant pick up can it be a hang together ?
  2. can anyone pls do a quest for me for that ?
  3. i just want a quest who dont allow to use this item again because i have this rainbow stone in shop for make P skills, and you can buy it and use it again...and have like Aura and mental warroir skill.... both then i want a timer who prevented that to switch it all the time i hope you know what i mean
  4. Hello freinds. i want the rainbow quest whit timer i try this: but after i use it again it say. you can dont use it now. an then it say "you must wait -2617237127 minutes" can anyone help me pls ? thx. SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH
  5. my compiler say very much errors
  6. can i change this "WORD" to "DWORD" or "LWORD" like higher, to get higher item max. ? like LWORD how stacks i can make ?
  7. oh sorry i dindt know, this is international, i want quest whit P stone whit Time like 30m. like you use it and after 30m. you can use it. again can you pls help me ? (my english not so good, not the yellow from the egg :D)
  8. hi, ich wollte eine regenbogen quest mit 1 stunde cooldown machen aber irgentwie funkt das nichtkann mir dort einer helfen pls ? wen ich den benutze oder nicht benutze steht dort -12312412412 stunden...
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