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  1. that log is not complete, I don't see the full log in cmake
  2. I've sent a pull request to Microsoft to accept the 32-bit toolchain, no answer after more than 1 week, once they'll approve it I'll bump the topic again.
  3. This might be one of the many METIN1 servers around in china, I am unsure what client they use but it would be fun to login and try
  4. Hello maniacs, I've made this post mostly to share knownledge, studies or questions about the Metin1 Server files (2008) I personally tried, and failed, to start the files correctly on a modern FreeBSD machine (due to issues with localization) I suppose some patching to the game will be required to get that running. This is the link to the server files: If you install FreeBSD 5 + Mysql 4 it should work I'll try to update this topic when I have time with some stuff I found on the files, but everyone can join I guess Here's some stuff I'
  5. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) The new Metin2 client modified the way it loads the pack/Index file, while I can't be sure this changes are 100% identical to the official server, it work without a lot of issues. The second changes that the official server did, was changing the loading of Minimap waypoints (stored in locale/xx/map). You can find the two changes here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/orfbbe062fzsu85/MarkInfo_load_like_GF.7z/file https://www.mediafire.com/file/2gm2of4ynf16zpm/GF_new_index_load.7z/file Good luck.
  6. they can't take down the core source code, but they can still take down any pserver (use of the client,use of assets, ...)
  7. I don't remember that in the blog being 100% honest
  8. hello, the project is still alive, we just switched to C# and didn't update the post yet: https://gitlab.com/quantum-core/core-dotnet. What do you mean by "why you guys dont want to allow us to create projects with this core?"
  9. You can't build on a 64-bit freebsd due to cmake, crosscomplain boring things (blame FreeBSD bad multilib support) I have not submitted any patches to vcpkg to integrate a freebsd toolchain, so chances are you won't be able to build it until you make your own (I don't have a freebsd machine to do it atm)
  10. ma tutti italiani qui ? benvenuto
  11. @PACI best 4 seconds of my life 10/10
  12. I thought the same then someone asked to keep all the skills in one slots (remove the three skill thing) and rather than changing all the crap relative to that I decided to keep the three slots in the same position (kinda lazy but it was the quickiest fix I could think of)
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