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  1. arves100


    Thanks! Will check them out and report if there's anything new. This files are the same files that I've posted with the following changes: - There's like a GM NPC or something similar that I've not seen in the release I have downloaded - It includes the FreeBSD 5 Virtual Machine file that I've not included in my release (it was too heavy :/) The version is the same MTS 2 0.9.5 (at least client side)
  2. Hey guys, Scamming INC. is now accepting professional scammers to work and scam at the company, make sure to fill the document there and answer this thread.
  3. arves100


    I actually setted up the server files and confirmed it worked.
  4. arves100


    RIP You have to change the color to 16ppp, files are for FreeBSD 5
  5. arves100


    M2 Download Center Download ( Latest Version ) THIS FILES ARE FOR METIN1 (METIN.CO.KR) NOT METIN2!!!!!! Downloaded from a Chinese forum/website. Year: 2008 They might contain unauthorized program, virus or anything, expect stuff. https://mega.nz/file/55tj1Y4Z#XkCW6oxtDWVEhg-TOFya40ENWTy84JYmU39sZfQjqXk Password: gkr40g3grgk)$j 小窗口登录 -> Windowed 全屏登录 -> Fullscreen Read 安装教程_文字.
  6. Claw skill bla bla is simply remove CLAW skills in skill txts
  7. The packets that send the password request are in srcs
  8. Bruh your client is crashing go to Debug mode
  9. If the system was not released online (thus you have bought it) you have to ask the original creator.
  10. You can't really input the password because it's called from a packet sent by the server, you have to manually hook/modify interfacemodule.py "def AskSafeboxPassword(self):", in particular scrap the password part and set it manually.
  11. You tagged the scam master? If it wasn't for him I woudln't be able to get that certificate. But, Paci scammer is deprecated, Ares is the new scammer master.
  12. Me and @Ares finally got verified as scammer
  13. Hello, I know this files were released and released a lot of times, but I've decided to slim them for new comers or people who are interested in looking at them. It's basically, the 2014 krazy sources with every binary/compiled object cleaned up. Tools+Client+Server of mainline, mainline_cythonized, dev, dev_wolf_branch, mainline_w20, mainline_w21, mainline_released included. The archive size is 32MB Link: https://mega.nz/file/xwNnGIiS#Xe-NFYG2cqwju9LmYMgBh-TMlcIoNnhTBvwEBgW6Z4c Password: ke5389JIEGH@r Good luck.
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