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  1. The project and the repo is still there, but we currently don't have a lot of time to focus on it, I'll see if I can do some things (I expected to do them this month but xD)
  2. Updated to Python 2.7.18. Freebsd update: vcpkg now builds but there's not toolchain for 32-bit (I don't have a freebsd machine to test), you can try to use the x64 one by modifing -m64 to -m32
  3. post a tutorial here, nobody will stop you
  4. Nobody has officially declared the death of the project lmao, we just haven't found some time to work on it yet (I hope to restore some work on july)
  5. @ServerCommandParserwaitin as well btw you can't, only python2 is supported, your average encoding vary from korean (cp949) and whatever locale you are in
  6. shhhh I was translating and wrongly hit the keyboard shortcut to publish the topic, should be ok now
  7. Welcome hopeless developers, in an attempt to reduce some random questions, and considering I haven't found anything about this there, I'll share this small method to fix the packet errors, which requires thinking. There's no copy/paste here as it requires you to think of what you modified. This tutorial is, of course, indented for new people not for the rest. If you are interested in how to make a new packet, head here: What is it and how metin2 implementes it? Keeping things simple and understandable, a packet is an information exchanged between the Client or the Server. For example, when you press the button Space (to attack), the client will send an information (which is a packet), which will tell the server that we attacking the player Shiba324. Read this if you are more interested: [Hidden Content] Each packet needs to be identified in an unique way between client and server otherwise the client or server won't understand which thing you are sending, that's why each packet of Metin2 starts with "BYTE bId". We see this numbers inside an enum block (like PACKET_CG_LOGIN2 which identifies the login packet), while it's content is defined inside a struct block (like TPacketGCLogin2). The files which this packets are defines are Packet.h inside UserInterface and game/src. There are two packet types, dynamic and static, the static ones have a fixed length (the structure size), the dynamic have an extra data called (length, usually WORD), which tells the game the size of it. All the packets have a nomenclature, which I'll explain here: CG -> Client to Game (sent by the client) GC -> Game to Client (sent by the server) GG -> Game to Game (used by P2P packets for communicating two cores with eachother) Before seeing how to fix the errors, there's another thing that I will explain called Sequence system. What is the sequence system? It's a system introduced in newer clients (like 34k). It's basically a check which the client will send an extra data after a packet, and the server will verify if it's correct, in case it's not it will kick the player out of the server. The verision system works by sending a different number each time a packet is sent or received to the server, the client can send up to 32768 unique numbers before resetting itself to 0 (it's stored in a big array). Error type 1: Unknown packet header: XXX, last: YYY ZZZ Number explanations: XXX is the packet that the game/client cannot handle YYY and ZZZ are the last two packets sent before this error (usefull for investigating what packet caused this error) This error can happen before of the following issues: You modified the source and you haven't added inside PythonNetworkPhaseGame.cpp or packet_map.cpp the packet You have a packet which size mismatches between client and server Error type 2: SEQUENCE XXXXXXX mismatch 0xYY != 0xZZ header KK This error could happen for some reasons: You specified a packet which uses the sequence in packet_info (last value true/false) and in the client you forgot to add "SendSequence()" or viceversa You have a packet which size mismatches between client and server (the server is thinking a packet data is a sequence data) Error type 3: We don't really have syserrs here but we can see the client fuzzying around or doing wacky things (even crash at some point!) or the server/client fails to process all the data sent. This error could happen for some reasons: You have a packet which size mismatches between client and serve You forgot to add a Send() or forgot to Recv() the data inside the client tl;dr: always check for the following things if you are unsure: Check if you have added SendSequence and modified the true/false in packet_info (if you use sequence system) ALWAYS CHECK if Packet.h has the same ID and structures Check what action causes the issue so you can track down the code Always check the last headers sent, most of the time is just a byte not sent at the end Always check your implementation of input_main (Server) and PythonNetworkPhaseGamexxxxxxx (Client) Pro hack tip: __PACKETDUMP__ and ENABLE_SEQUENCE_SYSTEM are cool bois. Good luck.
  8. that log is not complete, I don't see the full log in cmake
  9. I've sent a pull request to Microsoft to accept the 32-bit toolchain, no answer after more than 1 week, once they'll approve it I'll bump the topic again.
  10. This might be one of the many METIN1 servers around in china, I am unsure what client they use but it would be fun to login and try
  11. Hello maniacs, I've made this post mostly to share knownledge, studies or questions about the Metin1 Server files (2008) I personally tried, and failed, to start the files correctly on a modern FreeBSD machine (due to issues with localization) I suppose some patching to the game will be required to get that running. This is the link to the server files: If you install FreeBSD 5 + Mysql 4 it should work I'll try to update this topic when I have time with some stuff I found on the files, but everyone can join I guess Here's some stuff I've discovered: Command lines "(-- )( --)" -> full screen "( --)(-- )" -> windowed Root files if the file "newpatch.exe" is found, MTS will launch "MetinPatchUpdater.exe" This behavour is similar to what METIN2 does when it launches PatchUpdater.exe is newpatch.exe is found if a file called "console" is found, MTS will create a probably DEBUG console If you create a file called "patch.exe" MTS will try to move "patch.exe" into "metin.exe" Tar unpacker This is a quick python unpacker of MTS files [Hidden Content] You can also find a complete explaination of the file format here: [Hidden Content] Good luck with your experiments
  12. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) The new Metin2 client modified the way it loads the pack/Index file, while I can't be sure this changes are 100% identical to the official server, it work without a lot of issues. The second changes that the official server did, was changing the loading of Minimap waypoints (stored in locale/xx/map). You can find the two changes here: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] Good luck. (EDIT: I realzied later Penger already released the MarkInfo and I realized that after making this release lmao rip)
  13. they can't take down the core source code, but they can still take down any pserver (use of the client,use of assets, ...)
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