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  1. Hi Asikoo welcome to the board I hope you'll find this place nice for you.
  2. Memory leaks are very important when we speak about reusing memory, it prevents the game to keep allocating new RAM over and over. WIth this simple fixes memory leaks on Metin2 will be fixed. 1. Server Open the file game/main.cpp Search this function: int main(int argc, char **argv) { After this add the following code: return 0; Now open the file db/Main.cpp. Search this function: int main() { After this add the following code: return 0; 2. Client Open the file UserInterface/UserInterface.cpp Search this function:
  3. https://www.freebsd.org/ Any version on this website is fine
  4. #banasikoo @[Pro][email protected]@VegaS™
  5. Wow there are even CBT 2003 screenshot, amazing! Thanks for sharing.
  6. @PACI @VegaS™
  7. Try to report it to vcpkg, seems like they broke msys2 again ? Perhaps do a git pull first to see if they have updated and fixed it.
  8. sor aquire a non shitty version of the sources, you're missing one file.
  9. Try to change this line inside src/vcpkg/base/system.cpp https://github.com/microsoft/vcpkg/blob/56fffbe49dfb4dd8fae0940f272c5fd2b86be991/toolsrc/src/vcpkg/base/system.cpp#L50 to #elif defined(__x86__) || defined(_M_X86) || defined(__i386__)
  10. #update Added screenshot of vcpkg. Removed symtable and typedef since they are not used. Added changes for removing the old method Added missing static link in vcpkg for server. New note: mariadb uses it's integrated zlib, this causes issues in client build.
  11. Hello, this is a random and unwanted tutorial for building the Metin2 source code with vcpkg. It was intended for new comers for sure, but it might get more complicated than it should be. If you remember the wiki pages about building the source and creating the Extern from scratch, this is the cleaned and updated 2020 method™ . This tutorial focuses doing changes on both some revisions that I have on the internet and the original leaked one. We will use vcpkg, but this tutorial also contains several fixes that are required to get a general source file to be built
  12. I had posted this on the past, and for sure it's not needed but I'll report it anyway. (I can't find old topic). This is just a compilation bugfix for Boost >1.43. What this does, it just makes the VID class hashable for boost. Another, and perhaps better way, to solve this issue is replace all "boost::unordered_map" to "std::unordered_map" (as it was suggested in the past). I'm sure you would get this error from clean 40k sources, anything with the smallest fix should not bother this. vid.h #ifndef __INC_METIN_II_VID_H__ #define __INC_METIN_I
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