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  1. Hi, I made simple image slider. Preview: VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/71eb37eb77d6f53d9f2776cc22cfe177b07fbc106859e0479de6aca77a76e6ec/detection Download: https://mega.nz/file/Vhl0CYZJ#iza3nrpD8sSBbtpX__OICQkS5eljW51JhGIGgSN_mrw
  2. char_affect.cpp (bool CHARACTER::RemoveAffect(CAffect * pkAff)) replace: if (AFFECT_REVIVE_INVISIBLE != pkAff->dwType) { ComputePoints(); } with: if (AFFECT_REVIVE_INVISIBLE != pkAff->dwType) { ComputePoints(); } else { UpdatePacket(); }
  3. Replace def __FindWhisperButton To: def FindWhisperButton
  4. Someone asked me for cache chat messages. Here is the release constInfo.py Add: lastSentenceStack = [] lastSentencePos = 0 game.py In def Open(self): add: if len(constInfo.lastSentenceStack) > 0: constInfo.lastSentencePos = 0 uiChat.py remove: self.lastSentenceStack = [] self.lastSentencePos = 0 All: self.lastSentenceStack Replace with: constInfo.lastSentenceStack All: self.lastSentencePos Replace with: constInfo.lastSentencePos That's all, enjoy
  5. Topic updated - removed bug with double messages.
  6. Hi. This small release save our sent and received private messages till we change the character. If you close by mistake PM with somebody and after you'll open the converastion with that player the old messages will be loaded from dictionary. All changes are in root. Let's begin. constInfo.py Add: WHISPER_MESSAGES = {} game.py Replace these methods: def OnRecvWhisper(self, mode, name, line): if mode == chat.WHISPER_TYPE_GM: self.interface.RegisterGameMasterName(name) line.replace(" : ", ": ") if not self.interface.
  7. Hi community after run db item_proto table is crashed like: http://prntscr.com/ejfcni and db error_log looks like: http://wklej.to/YZx94 can anyone help me?
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