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  1. Why XML and not txt? But thanks
  2. Little update https://gyazo.com/177badf05d36f31f312b6feb6498fc7d Here the cpp file https://pastebin.com/pJS6weMN Anyone a idea?
  3. Thanks for your help I will try after this from @HITRON
  4. I have found a very unusual error for which I can't find anything in google. I can add friends but it is not shown immediately. Only after changing the map or after a logout I see the new friend. Here a gif to the error : https://gyazo.com/d7ceb51389e06fbbb9299ed8ea65b70d I have no error output or log file If you can help me wit h that, I would be very grateful
  5. Oh I see it's offline sorry
  6. http://m2patcher.m2tec.xyz/
  7. No such file or directory: 'UIScript/PopupDialog.py' You need more informations?
  8. The most Systems are public sorry but wasted money
  9. Thanks for help me I will test it next time
  10. https://workupload.com/file/Rh5C4kqP
  11. Hello guys, Ich have implemented the official pet system. It's work but I have some problems. When I unsummon the pet I have a core crash here is a bt full : https://gyazo.com/38f66de2265a9917633e1c049ed4e590 Other proplems later the crash fix is important Have a great day
  12. Nice thanks for posting the solution too! You're awesome
  13. Looks really bad. This is not the original beta skill windows
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