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  1. Hi, looking to start a new project up to this point I've been working within 34k. I was wondering if anyone could direct me to a clean debugged version with the source code available? Thanks, Invictus
  2. what's likely happening is you have a duplicate shape index, and or you have a duplicate youtube.dds texture file, put it in a new directory, pack it then put it at the top of the index to over write any below it. also youre using the wrong costume, the youtube one is textured for a fencing outfit for males not football.
  3. that makes the NPC solely aggressive to players, wanted to know what the ai_flag for 'attmob' was meant for as i'd like to set up an event where npc's also help defend a town from waves of mobs
  4. Anyone know what this AI flag does, i presumed it'd allow me to make npc's attack a mob
  5. last way is the most efficient due to more party members = harder dungeon/more mobs, as i said i hadn't gotten around to testing with dungeon flags and that was next on the list, other dungeons i've done have been purely for solo/boss kills. was going to use a timer to check but Iuzzo's will be the best choice i believe. but then coding at 3 am on no sleep for two days isn't always a great idea lmfao thanks for the help guys
  6. hey, anyone got a good efficient way to check if all the mobs are dead in a dungeon? as in there's not a single mob left. the reason being. d.count_monster blows, it has some sort of delay, not entirely sure why but say you kill X mob, and it outputs say the value of 10 as in 10 left, if you kill another within a few seconds it will still say 10 even tho theres actually 9. so that function wont work for me. d.check_eliminated - this did nothing, couldn't figure out how to use it couldnt make any output in chat etc or likewise. tried using quest flags, no luck on that part, got to test dungeon flags. also is there a way to check amount of players in a single part? i can't see any function in the function list. running 34k appreciate the help.
  7. Hi, does anyone have clean copies of the mission book quests?
  8. #1 Check the level is correct in the conf.txt (data/db/conf.txt) also check syserrs after trying to delete #2 go to /quest and do rm -r object/ then ./qc RING.quest and see if the error presists, once again check and post errors #4
  9. found it, none of the above but did collateral to channel 99 idea forgot to set up the port firewall to include channel 99 ports >_<, new host so had to set it all up only included the initial channels.
  10. precisely, already confirmed all client side and server side elements just for teleporting into the map, done a full reboot etc. tested with the OX event on & off can't find any reason why it wouldn't allow me to enter the map.
  11. Hi, is it possible to load in multiple libs? as currently, i use one i've developed and one Imer developed. but upon loading them both in imers is disabled but mine works
  12. OX map suddenly stopped working, the strangest thing is, it works on the test server (exact same files), there's no syserrs or anything :S

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