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  1. bad link for model or bad granny version, ....
  2. Please, who have this map? Send me? Thanks..
  3. Panama is best.. You have pack name in index, that is problem..
  4. Any idea why? And how to fix it? Thanks
  5. Ehm one) when login with pc.getqf("wolfman") != 1 and pc.get_job() == 4 begin pc.setqf("wolfman", 1) Ehm two) if pc.get_empire() == 1 then pc.warp() elseif pc.get_empire() == 2 then pc.warp() elseif pc.get_empire == 3 then pc.warp() end Ehm three) - Where is end of quest? state armor_shop begin when letter begin local v = find_npc_by_vnum(xxx) if v != 0 then target.vid("__TARGET__", v, "Armor Shop") end send_letter("Deliver the book") end when button or info begin local Manufacturing_armor = xxxx say_title("Deliv
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