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  1. Show item proto line of that item with print screen (no text)
  2. My ideea is lazy and ugly, but its fast to do and has no performance impact.. i'm a very lazy person.. 1. Server-side when the duel starts the server will send a command to the client that will set a variable to 1, and when it ends to 0. 2. Use the python root variable to set a binary global variable. 3. Use the global variable to return if 1 directly where the auto attack function is, so the auto attack wont work until the duel is finished. 4. Set the variable to 0 at every teleport.
  3. If you remove that the ninjas can attack too much and became overpowered. (tested)
  4. Thanks. Solved. http://vegas-projects.com/client-optimization/
  5. Make your offer I pay any person that is able to create a functon that loads all the gr2 equipment (including costumes) at the first client loading.
  6. So a quick fix should be this for the knockdown problem. You won't be able to walk away, but you can at least attack. case NAME_DAMAGE_FLYING: case NAME_DAMAGE_FLYING_BACK: //SetType(TYPE_KNOCKDOWN); break;
  7. 6. Multiple fps drops on loading mounts, pets and players.
  8. Target-Affect-Shower works as described. Recommend
  9. As you know RegisterMotion Data creates a lot of fps drop and i tried my best to make a solution for that, none of my solutions could fix it completely. I know there are devs and owners that could somehow improve it more than i could so if you want to make some money contact me in private message with proofs and tell me a price.
  10. OvH answers to copyright reports.
  11. On epvp you said something like "soon nothing will matter anymore" or something similar to this. Can you tell us what exactly is about ? It's something about your personal life or something that can affect everyone ?
  12. There is no contact adress that can inform the creator of the website about this, maybe he can see this post and fix it.
  13. So the problem is about position.
  14. Improvet packet and sequence. But this mostly comes from improvet packet.
  15. In void CNewPetActor::Unsummon() Replace ITEM_MANAGER::instance().FindByVID(this->GetSummonItemVID())->GetID() With pSummonItem->GetID()
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