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  1. I have the following problem when opening a game shopoffline falls syserr (files) SYSERR: Apr 23 22:03:04.636529 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "You have already offline shop. You can't open again!"; SYSERR: Apr 23 22:03:32.236307 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "You are gain %s item from your offline shop."; SYSERR: Apr 23 22:05:01.396360 :: DestroyItem: WTH! Invalid item owner. owner pointer : 0x2d5c5000 SYSERR: Apr 23 22:05:01.396402 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "ct_yang_kesildi"; SYSERR: Apr 23 22:05:01.396717 :: locale_find: LOCALE_ERROR: "pazar_24_saat"; SYSERR: Apr 23 22:05:09.766142 :: pid_init: Start of pid: 62924 game.core debug offlineshop_manager.cpp https://dosya.turkmmo.com/2020/04/11352_7bc454fc7fc4656c8f17c67720d3325c.cpp
  2. preci shopoffline


  3. I made the protection on my freebsd using pf.conf compiling kenel Anyone know if this and so enough to prevent invasion esse e meu pf ext_if = "nfe0" service_ports = "{ 22, 80}" game_ports = "{11002,13099,13009,13011,13013,13015,13002,13005,13006,13007,13001,13003,13004}" table <trusted_hosts> const { , } table <abusive_hosts> persist set block-policy drop set loginterface $ext_if set skip on lo scrub on $ext_if reassemble tcp no-df random-id antispoof quick for { lo0 $ext_if } block in pass out all keep state pass out on $ext_if all modulate state pass in quick from <trusted_hosts> block in quick from <abusive_hosts> pass in inet proto icmp all icmp-type echoreq pass in on $ext_if proto tcp to any port $service_ports flags S/SA keep state (max-src-conn 30, max-src-conn-rate 15/5, overload <abusive_hosts> flush) pass in on $ext_if proto {tcp,udp} to any port $game_ports flags S/SA keep state (max-src-conn 30, max-src-conn-rate 15/5, overload <abusive_hosts> flush) if anyone knows another and please inform me
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