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  1. Event 1 Dear fellow Daichians, As the official launch date closes in day by day, we're preparing to rock the start as much as possible. For this reason, we're setting a milestone event which can be completed with the entire community's help! What's in for you? - Reaching a milestone will unlock a special event for everyone as soon as the server goes live! The event starts today, 24.07.2020 and ends on 07.08.2020. To unlock the afore mentioned events, all you need to do is the following: - Join our Discord Server (With our without invitation-link) - Invite all your friends into our Discord Server as well - Help us reach out to as many players as possibile in order to hit the following milestones: - Milestone 1: Reaching 800 Users on our Discord will unlock a +30% EXP-Boost for the first 3 days on server start! - Milestone 2: Reaching 1400 Users will unlock +30% Dropevent for 3 days - Milestone 3: Reaching 2000 Users will unlock Moonlight Treasure Event with special items to boost your journey during the start! If we reach Milestone 3 before the official server launch, we may also add more Milestones for you to unlock with more special events! Event 2 Before we open our gates, you have the opportunity to participate in our invitational event. What you have to do is very simple: Invite your family and friends Our rules: -Manipulating your invites in any way (cheating/fakes) will lead to disqualification. The event starts today and ends shortly before the server starts. Place 1-3: 30 days package Place 4-10: 15 days package Place 11-15: 7 days package The Top 15 players with the most invitations can choose their reward package. Either metins, monsters or our level package. Three different types of prize pools: Spread the word and let it be known, Daichi is coming! We are looking for Trial-GameMaster, who speak one or more of the following languages: The following requirements must be fulfilled: - You should be at least 18 years old. - Functional headset for discord support - Speaking one of the above languages If you are interested, just send us an application: Applications
  2. Dear community, WoM2 is currently looking for a C++ developer with experience in working with the game source and a minimum command of the english language. Experience with python and/or lua and other related technical skills are a plus. Integrity and the ability to work in a team are required. We offer a freelance*, part-time or full-time contract, flexible working hours and the chance to be part of an extensive team in one of the most successful projects in the field to date. Financial terms will be discussed privately with the candidates. Depending on your performance, promotion options and higher pay rates are possible. If you are interested in applying for the position, please send an e-mail with your personal details (name, nationality, date of birth, city of residence) as well as a description of your experience with the game as player and developer to [email protected] Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an online interview within 15 days from the present date. Kind regards, The WoM2 Team
  3. very nice but just 1 tree type seems a bit boring.. Hope to see more soon
  4. Hey out There. We are a Group of Developers who work on a Newschool Server. What I am looking for is a 2nd Python Coder for our Project. We are all German, only 1 is from the Ukraine. Its a big Project no 0815 Shit. Pn me if u are interested. Regards
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