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  1. u r awesome so thanks really friend
  2. yes friend i did this you talking about this command sysrc mysql_args="--bind-address=" but not worked for me can u come with teamviewer please
  3. i have same problem please help me
  4. i cant connect to mysql8 or mariadb10.4 with freebsd12.1 please help
  5. thanks for reply but i already tried this but it was more bad lol even give to me 2003 cannot join errors can anyone come to my pc with teamviewer please i need help for this
  6. i install freebsd12.1 and mariadb10.4 all finished without any problems but now i cant connect to mariadb with navicat. navicat error is "2013 lost connection to mysql server at 'reading initial communication packet'" or 2003 errors how can i solve it
  7. hey all so is there shared any other windows server files complete and working one or u can tell me complete working windows files+src+client for sale someone who sells
  8. Are u sure friend about u using on windows with db.exe and game.exe and compiled server src on vs 2017 ?
  9. Thx friend we waiting anymore for fully fix windows sf files and sources so anymore was 2019 there past 5 years
  10. Omg arves my friend please share your windows sf src clint anymore Nevisor friend any update for windows sf please ?
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