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  1. Search for static void GrannyError in UserInterface.cpp.
  2. If you were more polite this wouldn’t happen, and hopefully you would’ve gotten your money back but still being unfair. I told you what would happen, you never complied. I was seriously thinking about returning some of the money to you since you were not happy but I just couldn’t forget how disrespectful you were to me so I hope this situation serves as an example to others that want to complain or return any service or product, even in real life. Always be polite and respectful to others. You don’t just show up at a store insulting the manager and calling him a scammer. Oh.. and I almost forgot, here is a meme for you.
  3. Give this a try, root/uiToolTip.py
  4. Your hyperlink tokens are messed up, it looks like they’re not in order. Can you show us: "playerGetItemLink" from UserInterface/PythonPlayerModule.cpp HyperlinkItemToolTip class from root/uiToolTip.py Additional information: Do you use 5 sockets? "METIN_SOCKET_MAX_NUM" Do you have change look system implemented?
  5. I did my best to support you and I also responded to your messages in reasonable times, the times I was around you didn’t respond and I assumed you were AFK so I worked on other stuff. The only reason I decided to post this topic was to show people your childish behavior and now your sour about it? Please… If you were patient enough and understood my side you wouldn’t be acting like this but instead you went full arrogant and full of insults, also claiming false information about me and what I provide, you didn’t respect me one bit and you want to be right on top of all? Pff… I even gave you the chance, three times the opportunity to resolve the issues you were having. That offer I made you to remove that dispute was my only option since you didn’t trust me. Neither were you understandable about the delay you thought of me being ignorant which is false. You didn’t comply to anything, I tried several times to calm you down but still your attitude was complete “sh”#t”! And also, what is the problem of listening to Spotify, what do want to say with that? I can’t listen to music? Really? You assume that I’m on the PC listening to music on Spotify and just chilling around? Omg, I’m literally speechless with that message you sent me. Besides all this, it isn’t my fault your “players” were waiting for updates, if you were responsible enough for your server you should of had a test server and not put direct updates to the live server like most people do, being most of those servers that close after “7 days”. The description of the system was clear and your questions was responded. I did in fact say that one of the systems was compatible with the special inventory, which is, but that doesn’t mean that it’s just adding and all working fine, sometimes things go wrong and that’s why I was there trying to help you. I noticed your system was different so since you were trying to do it yourself, I let you try to figure it out until you couldn’t do anything else. The term “you fu”$d” up was simply for you to retry and look at the tutorial files if you missed something which in most cases is the problem. After your attempts you said you managed to do it and asked for me to code that “fragment” part and so I did and sent you, shortly you returned with a message with a python error, when I saw that message to reply you already opened the dispute. Your impenitence and agony only resulted in this situation… Everyone here has already seen all the messages from the video and can conclude for themselves who seems right or wrong, the people who commented clearly noticed your attitude and behavior.
  6. That I have thought before, just wanting to make it easier (which doesn’t really seem like to some people) without clients having to pay more for tutorial implementations but in some cases I see now that it would be the best option. Ill take note of that for that next guy with a coffin on his shoulder.
  7. Hi, I made this system not so long ago, benefited the script from the official server and worked on the C++, just decided to share this system with everyone because I no longer care much about it. It’s not really a big of a system and most likely it could be leaked from some traitor so honestly, I rather share it myself. Instead of adding the tutorial here I will link a repository to the guidelines. Demonstration Git Repository https://github.com/Owsap/SKILLBOOK_COMB_SYSTEM The inventory slot marking works best with @xP3NG3Rx's release. I do not support the implementation of the system neither does do author of the inventory slot marking, I believe.
  8. Like always, there will always be these type of people.
  9. I'm very sorry for this topic, since it's offtopic, I just wanted to share this individual, so disrespectful to me... What kind of behavior from a customer is this? This is spam, insults, talking spanish, all hell with his profile picutre...
  10. So, someone asked me to do this some time ago, I know some servers have already thought of this idea and have been present for some time but anyway I will share it since I haven’t seen nothing similar shared elsewhere and this has been sitting around my hard drive. Although it's something very simple, it’s a good feeling to see from the inventory the status of the dragon soul. Instead of adding the tutorial here I will link a repository to the guidelines. Demonstration Git Repository https://github.com/Owsap/DSS_ACTIVE_EFFECT_BUTTON
  11. Hi @eternia my website has an automatic download section where you can download purchased systems. Check, https://owsap-productions.com/my-account/downloads/
  12. Implementing CEF to the binary source is not that hard, if you look at the documents mentioned above you can easily follow up the examples that are already included in some of the CEF repositories, with this you can understand how CEF works and then start to integrate it in your binary. Here are also some useful links, https://bitbucket.org/chromiumembedded/cef/wiki/Tutorial http://opensource.spotify.com/cefbuilds/index.html
  13. [Update] Multi Language System (V1.0.0.8) For more information, check https://owsap-productions.com/
  14. [Update] Player Pin Code System (V1.0.0.2) [Update] Multi Language System (V1.0.0.7) [Update] Skill Color System (V1.0.1.5) For more information, check https://owsap-productions.com/
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