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  1. Thank you my friend @regal! After adding the missing 6th skills vnums in the "special.active_skill_list", my quest script recognized the skills and prompted me their vnum. I managed to associate that orphan vnums with some translated strings: Looking around in locale.lua I noticed that every skill vnum is paired with a translated string found in translate.lua, so I just created new strings to match the said orphan vnums and everything worked like a charm! Your help was precious, thank you very mutch, mate! Good things to you! No need to worry @Finnis;
  2. Hello devs; I searched days for solutions to this problem, but still got no luck; I'm pretty sure that I'm missing something! I'm trying to figure out what's happening in my lua script, that should list all skills at "M" level; in order to upgrade them. It works fine for every skill of every race except the 6th skill of ninja archer "Spark" and also the 6th skill of the mental warrior "Sword Orb": So I'm assuming this is a "6th skill problem". I have those 6th skills set in my db, they upgrade successfully with in game console command ("/setskillother name 51 21"), and they
  3. Thanks again for supporting, mate! Actually this VM is for testing purposes, it runs on a server of mine (in my attic) that is virtualizing it with ESXI, so actually yes, since I fully manage this network I can tell you with accuracy that the internal IP of that machine is 192.168.1.xxx. I tried to add "BIND_IP: WAN_IP" in all the CONFIG files in the various cores, but when starting the service i get prompted this: SYSERR: Apr 26 16:53:48 :: socket_bind: bind: Can't assign requested address This make me think that maybe must be another place where i have to configure the WAN IP
  4. Thank you very mutch for your relpy! As suggested, I tryed to log in the game from the LAN where the server is running. Actually it was successful and the player was correctly spawned inside the map! This leads the research of the solution totally to another direction. Perhaps I should edit something in the source that manages the external connections? Greetings
  5. Buonasera everyone! As always, after posting this question I've smashed the search button and i rolled painfully trough the third Google search page; if I'm forced to write this is because that research I made didn't produce satisfyng results and let me stuck in my condition (it just made me laugh by reading some bullshit like: "delete the map folder and replace it with another to see if something changes"). Here's the thing: The scenario it's a dedicated VM rolling on FreeBSD 12.2 x32 and MySQL 5.6; on this VM it was compiled from source (and fully integrated) the revision 41023 of the ga
  6. Greetings from pizzaland, my dudes! ?? I'm "internationally known and locally respected" with the alias of MACRO; I'm a huge IT fan, I started as a young weirdo stealing old hardware from rubbish dumps at night, then testing the components and assembling the good ones, making "frankenstein-looking-like" home servers to keep my files safe on RAID and do my weirdo stuff (lots of testing and lots of blowing up), closed in my attic at night. I also offered IT support to my school friends for a little money, using those "reconditioned" components to fix their terminals, that made me save the
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