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  1. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.2.1 Best regards, Nexus2 Team
  2. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.2.0 Item-shop - [Costumes] New 'Pirate Costumes' available in the item-shop; - [Weapon Skins] New 'Jotun weapon skins' available in the item-shop; - [Pet System] New 'Pet Revertus' available in the item-shop, it permits you to remove one skill from your pet; - [Elemental Rings] Elemental Rings now give 10% Strong instead of 5% Strong against an element; - [Elemental Rings] New Elemental rings 7d/15d/30d; - [Sashs] New 'Event' Sashs in the item-shop; - [Sashs] New 1%, 5% and 10% sashs in the item-shop; - [Changes] T
  3. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.9 Item-shop - [Rings] New 'Boss Ring (7D)' It grants you: +1.500 HP | +10% Strong against Bosses | +10% Strong against Monsters; - [Rings] New 'Ring of Darkness (15d)(Mount)' You can't use this ring with another 'Element Strength' Ring. It grants you: +5% Power of Darkness | +5% Dark Resistance; - [Rings] New 'Ring of Earth (15d)(Mount)' You can't use this ring with another 'Element Strength' Ring. It grants you: +5% Power of Earth | +5% Earth Resistance; - [Rings] New 'Ring of Ice (15d)(Mount)' You can't use this rin
  4. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.8 News - [System] New Elemental Talisman; - [Description System] You can now change the description in any item inclusive 'Scroll of location' by doing SHIFT + Right Click; - [Guild Ranking] The guild which had the most PvM points received +10% Strength against Monsters/Metins for 15 days; - [Dungeon Ranking] The players with the most completed dungeons in each dungeon received +10% Strength against Monsters/Metins for 15 days; - [Dungeon Ranking] The Dungeon Ranking was reset for Players and Guilds; - [Player Rankin
  5. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.7 News - [Event] "Summer Event" (https://wiki.nexus2international.com/event/summer/); Updates - [Battlepass] Reduced the monster quantity of the "Kill monsters" from to 9.000.000; - [Dungeons] Hydra metinstones now have + 5.000.000 HP; - [Dungeons] Hydra heads have now +5.000.000 HP; - [Dungeon Drops] Removed Enchant/Reinforce blessing talisman from the "Black Chief Orc" item chest; - [Dungeon Drops] Removed Enchant/Reinforce blessing talisman from the "Giant Scorpion" item chest; - [Dungeon
  6. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.6 News - [Battlepass] New battlepass (June), you can obtain it in the item-shop; - [Itemshop] New items from the event in the item-shop; Updates - [Items] Updated the maximum ammount of items from 200 to 2000; - [Items] You can now sell books for 50.000 Yangs each at any NPC; - [Items] You can now sell +0 Stones for 50.000 Yangs instead of 25.000 Yangs each; - [Items] You can now sell +1 Stones for 75.000 Yangs instead of 50.000 Yangs each; - [Items] You can now sell +2 Stones for 100.000 Yangs instead of 75.0
  7. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.5 News - [System] New Sash Skin System; - [Information] The current sash models of the new sash skin system will be changed in the next updates; - [Bonus] New bonus "Ignore Rupture"; - [Event Calendar] New event calendar in-game; - [Passive Skill] New passive skill provides you +3500 HP at perfect master; - [Passive Skill] New passive skill provides you +8 Half Humans at perfect master; Updates - [Sash Skins] You can now trade 25% absoption sash for a "Sash Fragment" at the Theowahdan; - [Sash Skins] Yo
  8. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.4 Updates - [System] New fast sell system (like an NPC), you can now sell multiple items at the same time in any map; News - [Items] Fishes now give different bonus\values depending on how big they are in size; - [Switchbot] Reduced the switchbot speed; - [Offline Shop] Items with 0 minutes are not possible to buy anymore; - [Mount & Pet] You can now trade permanent mounts & pets from events for normal permanent mounts & pets at the Stable Boy; Fixs - [Craft] Fixed a problem where you
  9. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.3 News - [System] You can now put links in chat, you can also click them now; - [System] You can now hide\show costumes by clicking in the green buttons that are shown in the "Costumes Window"; - [Daily Event] New Moonlight Tresure event, this event occurs in saturdays from 20:00h to 23:59h; - [Daily Event] New Okey Card event, this event occurs in sundays from 16:00h to 23:59h; Updates - [Craft] You can now craft Cerberus (Gold) at stable boy, this mount provides you 20% Monsters, 20% Metins and 30% EXP; - [Cra
  10. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.2 News - [Event] New football event; Updates - [Battlepass] You can now check the battle pass ranking at the NPC "guardian" located in the middle of each city; - [Items] "Piece of Stone" and "Fencing Pamphlet" now go to the Upgrade Inventory instead of the normal inventory; - [Drops] You can no drop "Potion Fragment (Red)" and "Potion Fragment (Blue)" in the Level 60+ metin stones; - [Craft] You can now craft "Sun Elixir (E)" and "Moon Elixir (E)" at the blacksmith; - [Switchbot] You can now switch costume
  11. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.1 News - [Shining System] You can now buy Shinings v2 in the Item-Shop; - [Shining System] You can check the shinings here: https://wiki.nexus2international.com/system/shining/ Updates - [Dungeon] Solo meleys lair now asks for "Meley stone" instead of "Flame stone"; - [Drops] Razador now drops "Meley Stone", the drop is 100%; - [Drops] You can now drop Weapon Shinings v1 in the following Razador boss chest; - [Drops] You can now drop Armor Shinings v1 in the following Nemere boss chest; Fixs - [
  12. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.1.0 News - Daily events, you can check https://wiki.nexus2international.com/event/daily_events/ for more information; - Battle pass, we will be testing the battle pass for now, you can buy it in the general store; Updates - Titan Shield now gives 15% Res. vs DH instead of 10%, and 12% Res. vs Avg Damage instead of 8%; - Decreased the Magic Resistance from the Green Dew Perm. form 20 to 12 and Green Dew Temporary from 15 to 8; - Added "Purple Dew Perm." provides you 15 magic penetration; - Added "Black Dew Perm." p
  13. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.0.9 - Part 2 News - Added Pet "Ruby Ring (7d)" do the item-shop; Updates - "Metin of the mountain" now has a higher respawn time in the medium difficulty of "Dragon Lair Dungeon"; - Nerfed Beran-Setaou skills damage; - Increased the damage dealt by shamans\ninjas to the "Shakma Run" bosses; - Decreased the damage dealt by monsters\bosses in the "Shakma Run"; - Added description to pet foods; - You can now Experience Ring (+) at the blacksmith, it gives you more Exp and has longer duration; - You can now Thief'
  14. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.0.9 New - New "High Noon Costumes" and "High Noon Weapon Skins" in the item-shop; - Maintenance System; Updates - Added a banner to the Biologist Quests; - You now get teleported instantly to the second stage in "The Big Orc Maze"; - You no longer get instantly teleported when killing the "Chief Orc Reborn" in "The Big Orc Maze"; - Added drops to the "Chief Orc Reborn" in "The Big Orc Maze"; - "Metin of the Mountain" now actually matters in the "Dragon Crystal Room" Beran-setaou will be invulnerable if ther
  15. Hello everyone, Patch Notes 2.0.8 News - New Guild PVM Ranking; Every player of the guild now gains PVM points from the dungeons; Those points will count for the Guild PVM Ranking; Every 14 Days the Top1 Guild will receive: 10% Strong Against Monsters \ 5% Strong Against Metins; - Every dungeon now gives points; Orc Maze = 1 Point (Easy) / 2 Points (Medium) Desert Ruins = 1 Point (Easy) / 2 Points (Medium) Baronesa = 2 Point (Easy) / 3 Points (Medium) / 4 Points (Extra Stage) Forest = 5 Point (Medium) / 10 Points (Hard) Dragon Lair = 5 Poin
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