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  1. Dear metin2.dev community, such a text, as it will follow here now, is absolutely not my strength. So please excuse some shortcomings. It has been more than three years since I joined the team as an administrator. In these three years a lot has happened. Be it the changes that we have made to the forum since then, or the developments that Gameforge has made regarding the private servers, or your participation in the Metin2 underground (especially this community). I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who, whether on metin2.dev or any other forum, have helped to
  2. pollux


    @Koray Other known accounts: - Sanction: banned indefinitely Reasons: scamming
  3. Gib mir noch 2 Wochen und ich hab ne bessere KD als du in Black Squad ❤️

  4. When it comes to working with source code files (C++, LUA, Python) you will encounter a situation where you want to compare files. To help you comparing files there are two tools which we can recommend for that: Beyond Compare With Beyond Compare you are able to compare files and folders and easily find any mismatches. But you have to install another program to use it. Notepad++ Compare Plugin If you already have notepad++ installed, the compare plugin comes in handy. (Thanks to @Johnny69 for this recommendation.)
  5. Updated: Other accounts: @thetruthaboutremix Sanction: order to stay away (domestic authority)
  6. Dear members, there are a few new features that we would like to tell you about: 1) metin2.dev Discord Server Yeah, you heard right. We now also have a Discord server! After we received many requests concerning this, we decided to open the Discord Server. You can join it under the following link: https://discord.metin2.dev/ - Please note that ALL FOUR STEPS are necessary to get the corresponding ranks on the server (and to see some more channels). 2) FAQ section Last week we started the section "Frequently Asked Questions". This section will gradually be filled with a s
  7. How do I install the world editor? - created by @Raylee - - 1: Download the WorldEditor ReMIX: - 2: Create on your D:\ Drive a folder named "ymir work" and place the Downloadfiles there. - 3: Copy the following files from your client in the "ymir work" folder: - 3.1: It should look like that: - 4: Unpack the following files from your client and put it in your "ymir work" folder: - 4.1: If you unpack the files, be sure that you take the right folder! Example: pack\effect\ymir work\effect - 4.2: It should look like
  8. Which programming languages do i need to start a private server? Quests: LUA ( + common quest functions) Database (MySQL / MariaDB): SQL Source Code (Server & Client): C++ UI / Client: Python 2.7 Website: PHP 7+, HTML, CSS, Javascript Tools (e.g. a Patcher): C#
  9. There are a bunch of tools you need to work on your private server. This is only an overview. If you want to know how to work with these programs please use google. There are a lot of tutorials out there. Please notice: Some of these programs do need a valid license which you have to buy. Yes, there are cracks on the internet but sometimes it's worth the money. You decide! Filetransfer (FTP / SFTP) Managing your server (console, ssh) Managing your database (MySQL / MariaDB) Working on text files (there are a lot of them in your s
  10. This is a list of 680 functions you can use in your quests. And you can create your own if you have knowledge of C++ and the sourcecode. addimage addmapsignal add_bgm_info add_goto_info add_ox_quiz affecr.remove_all_collect affect.add affect.add_collect affect.add_collect_point affect.add_hair affect.remove affect.remove_bad affect.remove_collect affect.remove_good affect.remove_hair arena.add_map arena.add_observer arena.get_duel_list arena.is_in_arena arena.start_duel ba.start block_chat bool_to_str building.get_land_id building.get_land_info building.has_land building.recon
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