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  1. I think is an problem with TOGLE skills :-? like sura, can you test ?
  2. add disco kikko#2762

  3. For me it is a waste of time, at the moment I will ignore this problem .. I will look for a solution in the near future if there will be .. Until then, thank you all for your contribution. Good luck to everyone!
  4. Request to close topic Thank you all for trying to fix, i will try to see where is the problem in future
  5. https://easyupload.io/usxnjq
  6. For a second, I was one hundred percent sure it was Romanian .. Now I seem to have recovered .. I thought those in my country do so .. Now it seems I feel better when I see that others are just as stupid like us/
  7. Probably this visual bug is also present because no corect synchronization
  8. Tested and the result is same.. visual is present
  9. Just look at my video, i talked to @Anix on facebook and have the problem too after posted the video Try to dont make any moves and spam the skills
  10. This bug is just on warrior on body skills try it
  11. I think is not a problem from any sistem.. i think is an problem with animations or i dont know, this strange visual bug is also present on all servers
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