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  1. I try but didn`t work .. this is all command from cmd / i try the "shop_yang id" but nothing happens.
  2. Hello there, i install the offlineshop by great from turkish forum and i think someone here can help me .. I have the "last version / master" who was posted there the system it`s work very well on my server with 1400+ online / 24 hours but sometimes he lost some data .. and that data is "yang", When somebody buy an items the seller see that yang is in the gift-box but when he try to withdraw he don`t receive. I have no syserr , no game core .. or I don't know
  3. As the title says, here is someone who improve the clasic quest for stackable books ? If we have the stackable books the player can trade with the soon more piece of books but he receive back a single special books. here is the basic quest .. quest eveniment_carti begin state start begin when login begin if game.get_event_flag("eveniment_carti") == 1 then chat("[EVENIMENT]: Ziua Cartilor - Dute la Soon si vezi despre ce e vorba! ") end end wh
  4. Yes it`s a good ideea but I have no knowledge to do this in src server...
  5. Hmm, thx you @Reverse but probably this is not the best solution . Because the mount/unmount very fast is useful in PVM.. @WeedHex you have any ideea ?
  6. The title says all . I need a timer for mount/unmount because many people use the Delay BUG mounts to catch the opponent in pvp , on my server the mount is used to get close him and immediately give a skill and the opponent don`t see that , he only receive the damage. See this video , seconds 20 - 25
  7. That`s the bug and that's the fix. Thx you very much ! It`s working wonderful !
  8. Hello there , this bug is working on the majority serverfiles , and i don`t find the solution .. So,let`s say that we want to do a DUEL ( 1-1) . And i have a bracelet without PV but with good bonuses and a bracelet only with pv. Before we start the duel ,we equip the bracelet with pv ,waiting for it to fill and after that we equip the bracelet without pv. And now,for this duel .. we have the good bonsues + PV , PS, sry for my language.
  9. Hello there, In 2017 i installed the Kingdom war system of Lentt in my game and now i want to install again in my new game but i don`t find the system on the google. I try to copy it from the old game in this new game and all looks good but the statistics score window does not appear.
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