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  1. I know this happens on a few servers with little to none changes in source. It also happens in my source.
  2. A quick tip I noticed a few of my friends weren't aware. When you click an icon it copies the icon url to the clipboard, it's easier and quicker than going for the page's source. Also, here's the updated link: https://m2icondb.karbust.me/ The old domain (exys2.pt) is still working, it redirects to the new. I'll be remaking the page when I have some free time to make it more appealing and user friendly, won't change image urls, old users will be able to use it normally.
  3. Black Sky Armor Textures View File From the temporary link posted in Submitter Karbust Submitted 10/14/20 Category 3d Models  
  4. vanilla's source was barely touched on db side, and this is something not to do with the source, it was working before I tried to add 6 slots. So far, no crashes. I'm try doing everything again, maybe I missed something, but I removed it from my older source that was working... EDIT: crashed...
  5. Here's my function, nothing much... void CClientManager::QUERY_ITEM_SAVE(CPeer * pkPeer, const char * c_pData) { TPlayerItem * p = (TPlayerItem *) c_pData; // 창고면 캐쉬하지 않고, 캐쉬에 있던 것도 빼버려야 한다. // auction은 이 루트를 타지 않아야 한다. EnrollInAuction을 타야한다. if (p->window == SAFEBOX || p->window == MALL) { CItemCache * c = GetItemCache(p->id); if (c) { TItemCacheSetPtrMap::iterator it = m_map_pkItemCacheSetPtr.find(c->Get()->owner); if (it != m_map_pkItemCacheSetPtr.end()) { if (g_test_server) sys_log(0, "ITEM_CACHE: safebox owner %u id %u", c->Get
  6. Hello guys, Sometimes after a few time using switchbot (mijago) (only noticed here, not sure if happens with any other action) I can't get to char select with any account, I get stuck at the last message after successful login. This is the auth syserr: Sep 5 00:28:59 :: SYSTEM: new connection from [] fd: 24 handshake 1055712891 output input_len 0, ptr 0x29d6aa80 Sep 5 00:28:59 :: Handshake: client_time 0 server_time 1298755 Sep 5 00:28:59 :: AUTH_PHASE 0x29d6aa80 Sep 5 00:28:59 :: InputAuth::Login : admin(5) desc 0x29d6aa80 Sep 5 00:28:59 ::
  7. Since it's a image sprite all the icons are generated in a single image. If it loaded every single image it would take longer, and wouldn't load everything since there's a limit of assets on the browser that can be loaded. I added the link copy to make it easier, since all the images are hosted there anyway. I can try one of this days add an option to save the image. Gonna check that out.
  8. To create an email per account you just need to set the unique constraint for that column. No need for scripts, it's a database "thing".
  9. Google Cloud and AWS both use VM's, like you use on your computer. So the principle is the same, you can't pass the login phase. This works: https://funky-emu.net/topic/23304-c-installer-un-proxy-ip-sur-votre-game/ I've tested it myself on AWS, Google Cloud is the same.
  10. The idea is good, but the texture looks like trash on the models. Not even the blade that has a good area to perfectly position the texture. On csgo they are perfectly positioned and make sense. Leave hyperbeast on csgo please.
  11. Stop begging dude. Make it yourself or leave the metin2 dev scene. This is the kind of dev that uses pre-made serverfiles, opens a server for 1 week, makes money and shutdowns.
  12. Dude, just download the ISO's and install them... Whats the problem? If you can't just install FreeBSD from an ISO just leave metin2 development...
  13. Never used default official missions, so I have no idea, but somewhere in this forum for sure.
  14. You probably get 99% on one level and less on another because you're giving a fixed amount of exp instead dynamic based on next level experience.
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