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  1. Update Added multi-language support. Instructions can be found on the README. https://github.com/Karbust/Metin2-Patcher-Electron/pull/10 Multi-language It ships with support for two languages, English (default) and Portuguese. These can be used as examples to add more languages. To add more languages, you must edit both src\i18n.ts and src_electron\i18n.ts. Three things are needed, import the translation file (.json) that must go inside the folder localization\, and add the language on resources and supportedLngs. Do not edit the placeholders ( {{ }} ) when c
  2. Block running on Virtual Machines
  3. You can remove it from the rubinum source, that's what I did (you can find the full source on the internet). And hwid ban isn't a magic thing, it still can be bypassed, and if you don't block VM's, that's one way to bypass it.
  4. We are slowly taking over...
  5. Me too bro #portugalian
  6. Don't let this die even if they fix it
  7. Updated README with a video tutorial (requested by @DemOnJR) Fixed a typo on package.json (build.compression) not allowing to build the electron app. https://github.com/Karbust/Metin2-Patcher-Electron/pull/7
  8. Updated README with a better explanation on how to start on development environment. Added the .env for the React app with some parameters. https://github.com/Karbust/Metin2-Patcher-Electron/commit/99168cc4c7df7a1dcf231459c5e90b67f16c8b2a
  9. Another update Metin2 Icon Database has now a new domain. https://m2icondb.com/ All requests are now being redirected to the new domain.
  10. Today I launched a new update that allows search's and multi-language. Previously I added search's, but only by the ID, it wasn't enough, now it also search's by name. The names are based on the language set (it can be auto detected or changed using the flag icon). If you find any errors on any translation (except icons, using the official names), please, let me know.
  11. M2 Download Center Download Here ( Internal ) GitHub Repository: https://github.com/Karbust/Metin2-Patcher-Electron The tutorial bellow is also available on the repository. Metin2-Patcher-Electron A simple metin2 patcher made in Electron with React and TypeScript. The file verification is made with SHA256. Getting Started Install NodeJS: https://nodejs.org/en/download/ Install Yarn: https://yarnpkg.com/getting-started/install Clone the repository: git clone https://github.com/Karbust
  12. I would say that in the state that it is already there's an efficient way of cleaning it without harming functional devices. The garbage is floating in space, unless they can make them enter the atmosphere to trigger vaporization on enter, there's no other solution, at least with the technology available today. Starlink is in low orbit (around 550km), there's almost no space garbage there, but when they start dying, which will happen, Elon will probably let them crash in the ocean than let them there. They intend on having almost 3000 thousand satellites up there.
  13. The errors are pretty explicit, you don't have those tables on database account, you need to create them. We don't know what structure they need to have, but you can see at least 1 field per error message. secure_ip we can see it has, at least, the field ip banned_hwid_list we can see it has, at least, the fields hwid and hdd_serial secure_pc_list we can see it has, at least, the fields hwid, login and status, which I imagine it probably has the foreign key login to login column on table account (which isn't the correct way, it should have the PK from account
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