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  1. I would say that in the state that it is already there's an efficient way of cleaning it without harming functional devices. The garbage is floating in space, unless they can make them enter the atmosphere to trigger vaporization on enter, there's no other solution, at least with the technology available today. Starlink is in low orbit (around 550km), there's almost no space garbage there, but when they start dying, which will happen, Elon will probably let them crash in the ocean than let them there. They intend on having almost 3000 thousand satellites up there.
  2. The errors are pretty explicit, you don't have those tables on database account, you need to create them. We don't know what structure they need to have, but you can see at least 1 field per error message. secure_ip we can see it has, at least, the field ip banned_hwid_list we can see it has, at least, the fields hwid and hdd_serial secure_pc_list we can see it has, at least, the fields hwid, login and status, which I imagine it probably has the foreign key login to login column on table account (which isn't the correct way, it should have the PK from account
  3. https://mega.nz/file/FM4y2ApD#BeRKdUsLnWNdQU9PyJKZsG_wzO4sh6UQWPiBCJaqGh4 They have been on my mega account since 2013 xD
  4. You'll need the tutorial I gave you on funky emu. Use the virtual machine with a Bridged NIC and set the IP either to DHCP or a static IP on your own IP range. You'll only need the INTERNAL_IP and the PROXY_IP. You'll also need to open ports on your router and maybe a good idea to use No-IP just in case you have a Dynamic IP.
  5. You need to create an account on ZeroTier's website, then you create a new network. You can also manage what network IP address range you want, it will use DHCP to assign an IP for each node. When you install ZeroTier on FreeBSD you use the zerotier-cli to join the network (if the network is set to private you first need to add the client node id to the network in order to be able to join). You may need to do this: https://funky-emu.net/topic/23304-c-installer-un-proxy-ip-sur-votre-game/ I haven't tested without it, not sure if it works or not. Y
  6. I currently have a server only for friends using ZeroTier. It can have up to 50 nodes for free (each node is a player, and one is the server) (we are only 10, but it's only for fun with my friends). ZeroTier is a VPN service like Hamachi. The server is running on a virtual machine with VMware, only needed to have either a NAT NIC or a Bridged NIC, it only needs internet to access the ZeroTier network. What is the advantage? You don't need to share your own IP or the need to open ports on the router.
  7. From what I know, indexing such a big table will bring more disadvantages than advantages. Also, each row inserted needs to be indexed, which will impact performance. I don't think a log table should be indexed, only tables like accounts, players, store items (itemshop, not ingame) and stuff like that. And you still have the overhead of having to wait to create the index of an already in production table, which most servers won't probably truncate. Overall, the intention is good, but I don't think it's a good idea to make this type of index. And,
  8. I recently used my own tutorial to add on another client, there was nothing missing and worked fine. Also added the define though, more useful that way, and able to disable on debug build. I checked your editions, you only added the define though, what other parts of the tutorial that I miss are you referring to?
  9. Done. Added a sort button for the official and unofficial icons. Also, now both lists start already ordered.
  10. I just updated the website. Now it features a new look and I also added a section for Unofficial Icons, where I will keep adding new icons from posts and clients. https://m2icondb.karbust.me/ A mouse click on top of the icon will copy the icon URL to the clipboard. If you have icons that you which to see on the Unofficial Icons, just send them through PM or on Discord.
  11. The icons and models are posted, only missing the protos...
  12. What? How the well will he "translate" something he doesn't have? There are new items, they aren't always the same...
  13. The most recent aren't included in the package posted by p3ng3r...
  14. That's not an importer, it's a converter. It has always been the only way...



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