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  1. heloo thanks for replay. I already check there 20 times. i will check on more time to be sure.
  2. Hello please more info. Becouse i cannot add you on discord.
  3. Hello thank you for the replay. I did that. i get no error. I sent even in the same time. Nothing. From what I understand is from python, the only problem is i dont now where to look in client source. I even google this problem. Nobody have it lol. Im not in hurry so i will wait maybe somebody have some info.
  4. Hello. So i have a problem with metin2 client When i sent guild invite the other player dont get no info about the invite. Client side(no error) server side(no error) from what I understand the error is from python. But i have no ideia where to look. Some tips where is the guild invite in client side is. And why when i press the “Invite to Guild” nothing happen. If you have some tips please leave a replay i will appreciate.
  5. UP When some one have time please tell me how tho fix the problem.
  6. Sure. The problem in the quest is next. When i press click on npc when 20385.chat."Statuie Demonica" with npc.lock() begin i get the mision elseif d.getf("level") == 4 then -- 474 178 say("Pentru a continua invingetil pe Lekhatros") notice_multiline("Invingetil pe Lekhatros pentru a termina misiunea.",d.notice) d.setf("level",14) d.kill_unique("door4") d.kill_unique("idoor4") d.set_regen_file ("data/dungeon/flame_dungeon/".."fd_d.txt") d.spawn_mob(6051,setting.LEVEL4_TARGET_pos[1],setting.LEVEL4_TARGET_pos[2] ) -- ????? ?? elseif d.getf("level") == 14 then When i kill 6051 notfing happen (the quest dont say you kill 6051 go tho 20385 when 6051.kill with flame_dungeon.is_flamed(pc.get_map_index()) and d.getf("level") == 14 begin notice_multiline("Felicitari lati invis pe Lekhatros.",d.notice) notice_multiline("Ducetiva la statuia demonica acum.",d.notice) flame_dungeon.level_clear() end The next miison that dont work is this . elseif d.getf("level") == 6 then -- 507 490 say("Distrugeti metinul iadului.") notice_multiline("Distrugeti metinul iadului pentru a termina sarcina.",d.notice) d.setf("level",16) d.kill_unique("door6") d.kill_unique("idoor6") d.set_regen_file ("data/dungeon/flame_dungeon/".."fd_f.txt") d.spawn_mob(8057, setting.LEVEL6_TARGET_pos[1],setting.LEVEL6_TARGET_pos[2]) -- ?????? ?? elseif d.getf("level") == 16 then say(" ") say("Revino cand ai terminat de distrus metinul.") elseif d.getf("level") == 7 then flame_dungeon.go_boss() Ok so i get the mision. but when i kill 8057 (notfing happen) For example the quest dont say metin stone was destroy go tho npc.20385 when 8057.kill with flame_dungeon.is_flamed(d.get_map_index()) and d.getf("level") ==16 begin -- ??? ???? ? notice_multiline("Metinul iadului a fost distrus.",d.notice) notice_multiline("Ducetiva la statuia demonica acum.",d.notice) flame_dungeon.level_clear() end Sorry for my bad english sirr. And tnx for you answer . Up please.
  7. Hi guys Maybe you can't help me whit a problem the problem is Flame Dungeon So i install the flame dungeon. all good i enter in the map i make the quest tho kill all monster. After tho open one isefet. After tho open 7. All good When i get mision kill 6051. I kill notfing happen. I exit i enter again in the dungeon i got first mision now tho kill 8057. i kill the metin stone notfing happen. I try tho change tho see what is the problem(i try all quest from 40k serverfile.) Not one dint work the same problem(almost the same) Some of the quest they dint work. Oke so after i try the quest named blazing purgatory i change regen i change map index i install quest all good. I try tho enter i enter in the map after no mision but full of monster.I delete quest . After i take my original quest that i wil post now. I try tho remove the mision that i need tho kill 6051 8057 dint work(im sure that i made some mistake. Now please some one can't help me the remove 6051 and 8057 if is ok. If not just tho fix the quest. Have a nice day . Whit repsect Auras. flame_dungeon.lua
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