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  1. I wrote to the discord but you don't answer
  2. Les Comparto Este Servidor Que Abre Sus Puertas el Dia de Mañana 25 de mayo recomendado. Imagenes Del Servidor: https://imgur.com/gallery/Jr2H2t0 Un servidor Echo a la medida para los jugadores de la vieja escuela y de la nueva que les gusta divertirse en guerras y duelos con sus amigos. Características Del Servidor 70% PVP - 30% PVM (Easy Level) Nivel Maximo: 120 no lycan no alquimia sistema de estolas Skyn de armas Sistema de mascotas Oficial Mazmorras individuales Eventos Diario Evento de Dragon Sistema de Tienda Offline Torneo Pvp Mazmorras de gre
  3. the design is very nice but the dragon doesn't have the texture https://prnt.sc/rv4xhw
  4. good friends I have a bug in the stores that armor and weapons that occupy 2 spaces take it as one I have reviewed and it is not navicat problem, it is problem is from the source of the server someone knows how I can fix this error Here I leave you photo: http://prntscr.com/ldoi2as http://prntscr.com/ldoi9l I'm waiting for your help
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