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  1. Welcome all dear forumers! I met with a very complex issue months ago, and I would like to ask for help. The issue: buffer_read_proceed: buffer_proceed: length argument bigger than buffer (length: 41, buffer: 25) What I'm using: Martysama V4.9 (?) The players get disconnected randomly, although they are still able to communicate with the server. I tried to simulate the issue on test server, but I couldn't and I don't know where to start. I have read many topics about, but I couldn't find anything as a bugfix. The size of length and the buffer always differs. I get these messages using IMPROVED_PACKET_ENCRYPTION and I also recognized that it requires more bandwidth in the client. With this definition only random players get disconnected, but as soon as I turn it off, complete channels get frozen and shut down. Syserr: buffer_read_proceed: buffer_proceed: length argument bigger than buffer (length: 1, buffer: 0) It floods this line(above), only logging in is available but chat is disabled also all player movement like attacking, equipment change etc. The strange thing it only occurs on the given channel and the global chat still goes on the frozen channel. I know it's not an easy bugfix which I ask for, but please inform me if you know about. Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day, stay safe guys.
  2. Welcome all forum users! We are looking for a programmer who would create us a new auction house with a few requirements: -C++ and or Php -It should be available from ingame (from web as well, but it's not a requirement, just a bonus). -Categorized item filter -Should be able to handle 2 currencies, for example: dragon points and gold bars(It's a yang based currency used in our server.) -Adjustable cooldown rate of items (24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour), when it's over the item should be returned to it's owner's storage. -Custom item filter based on name, price. -Search panel for items. -Item restriction (Non tradeable items shouldn't be sold in the auction house) -If u can create bidding, it's a plus but not a necessary. -After the item is bought out, the house should send a message to the owner(Time- the name of the item - the buyer's name) -It can handle item's cooldown rate e.g.: Costumes, pets etc. - The interface should be smooth and easy to use. If interested contact me, and we will discuss the price in private. Thank you for reading! PS: We are not interested in Lua based auction houses, and offline shop systems. Discord: Morpheus#0686
  3. The post devil.dll was wrong for me too, look for another version. try this: https://mega.nz/#!XRhk3SQB!vamnDurardnrn66hgrojgoMkN38ejDs3Z8MJKR1m8Bc
  4. I don't understand the problem, but look at which channel config the index is in.
  5. Look for the error in uiinventory.py, tabs may be bad.
  6. With an average damage of 3 millions it dropped around 14 items, but as we increased the damage up to 5 million the drop got low down to dropping just 6-7 items. I have tested it many times, it's clearly the issue. Do someone knows why does it happen? Thanks for the answers!
  7. The use of quest doesn't solve the issue, it can be bugged also. There is a whole dungeon in our server which relies on quest drop and sometimes it's drop is lowered or totally vanishes.
  8. Hello everyone! We have found an issue related to a specific stone's drop. It's a stone which we included in to Seryoung middle and it gives a certain item which can be used to enter to a dungeon. The problem is that if a player deals more than 20000 to the stone, the drop chance of the item gets lowered. So basically if we hit the stone with 15000-16000 average damage it gives more items. In our server it is possible to have around 200.000 dmg via using mounts. By doing so, the drop of the stone completely vanishes giving no items at all. We have searched our source code for a fix, but we couldn't find anything related to it. If someone has an idea what we could do, please let us know. Thank you!
  9. Thanks, but the error still exists (no syserr) edit: If these 2 values are FALSE, the client will not start bool bPackFirst = TRUE; bPackFirst = TRUE;
  10. Hi guys! For me, these changes won't start the client (marty src)
  11. Hey all! Could somebody write on quest_list? Thanks
  12. nothing... client/server side syserr clear.
  13. Heyho! I'd like help with a bug. Diamond and Ruby it works perfectly and doesn't put the rest in the slot. I checked the subtype, item_proto perfect https://i.gyazo.com/1c36713c323112923d293adc1a6213e9.mp4 Thank you in advance for your help!
  14. Hey all! Can anyone help? https://i.gyazo.com/374be579229f0c58d3e2d9c54f5d9dd3.mp4 If there are monsters nearby, the render goes wrong o.O Thanks!
  15. Change extern folder and rebuild bin source ^^.
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