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  1. Hey! Because it must also be written to common_drop_item.
  2. + I have this bug too, but it appears randomly.
  3. Fast, friendly, reliable, and nice work. Recommended! +++
  4. hi guys! Has anyone upgraded to a sash system yet?
  5. Welcome all dear forumers! I met with a very complex issue months ago, and I would like to ask for help. The issue: buffer_read_proceed: buffer_proceed: length argument bigger than buffer (length: 41, buffer: 25) What I'm using: Martysama V4.9 (?) The players get disconnected randomly, although they are still able to communicate with the server. I tried to simulate the issue on test server, but I couldn't and I don't know where to start. I have read many topics about, but I couldn't find anything as a bugfix. The size of length and th
  6. Welcome all forum users! We are looking for a programmer who would create us a new auction house with a few requirements: -C++ and or Php -It should be available from ingame (from web as well, but it's not a requirement, just a bonus). -Categorized item filter -Should be able to handle 2 currencies, for example: dragon points and gold bars(It's a yang based currency used in our server.) -Adjustable cooldown rate of items (24 hour, 48 hour, 72 hour), when it's over the item should be returned to it's owner's storage. -Custom item filter based on name, price. -
  7. The post devil.dll was wrong for me too, look for another version. try this: https://mega.nz/#!XRhk3SQB!vamnDurardnrn66hgrojgoMkN38ejDs3Z8MJKR1m8Bc
  8. I don't understand the problem, but look at which channel config the index is in.
  9. Look for the error in uiinventory.py, tabs may be bad.
  10. With an average damage of 3 millions it dropped around 14 items, but as we increased the damage up to 5 million the drop got low down to dropping just 6-7 items. I have tested it many times, it's clearly the issue. Do someone knows why does it happen? Thanks for the answers!
  11. The use of quest doesn't solve the issue, it can be bugged also. There is a whole dungeon in our server which relies on quest drop and sometimes it's drop is lowered or totally vanishes.



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