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  1. A few ways to fix it.. for example; 0. increase follow frequency 1. call function follow checking dwElapsedTime in void CHARACTER::StateMove() (like that) if (IsMonster() && GetVictim()) { LPCHARACTER victim = GetVictim(); UpdateAggrPoint(victim, DAMAGE_TYPE_NORMAL, -(victim->GetLevel() / 3 + 1)); if (dwElapsedTime > 500) { __CHARACTER_GotoNearTarget(this, victim); } } gl guys
  2. fast fix with small logic int i_add = (strstr(m_fontName, "Tahoma") == 0) ? 1 : 0; //for more fonts TextOutW(hDC, m_x + i_add, m_y, &keyValue, 1);
  3. Some people bought it from me so it's not fair. (you have a hint, so be happy) regards
  4. rly guys?XD dev just use brain its easy to fix.. for example look for keys map (without fix) (with my fix) rly easy..
  5. change cords map like 1024 for x and y
  6. crash is in bool CPythonPlayer::__HasEnoughArrow() just use pItemData in case if (CItemManager::Instance().GetItemDataPointer(GetItemIndex(TItemPos(INVENTORY, c_Equipment_Arrow)), &pItemData))
  7. I see you dont know how speedhack attack work gl with this function.
  8. for speedhack (packet atack) just make vector with vids for last attack packet time and just check it everytime thats all.
  9. Hello! Best regards, Sielu
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