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  1. Sandworks can you help me please, this file work on others servers correctly and i try many ways and cant ty vm https://files.fm/u/w99z7uxk
  2. Hi, I have some problem is som textures in Mushroom Dungeons... i try and try but cant figur out what is happen with the wall_texture.dds files ^^ Anyone can help? ty
  3. Ty vm Vanilla that help me allot i was stuck with the part of cheking the mob but now i got it ty
  4. Hi i was loking for how to configu a boss to spawn with a fix time, like 6h 12h 18h 24h so i check the server time and the boss spawn in a especific map/place at a fix time. Any help? Ty in advance
  5. Hi all,I try but i did not find, is there any post to explain how to do to use the ALT+Right click mouse botton so itens automatic move from inventory to safe, sash system, offlieshops?Sorry if this is in the rong place, and tank you for your help.
  6. Vanilla is there anyway i can talk private? I try to send a mensage here.

    1. Vanilla


      Hello, please send another message, my inbox was full :)

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