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  1. Hello MT2Dosyalar ! I want to share a system developed by MT2Dosyalar. System I saw on a first in Turkey! First of all, the Register / Registration system in Classic Server Panels works as follows! In the form of username, password, mail, security question. What distinguishes this recording system from the others is that you can do the operations on the client via the panel! Properties -------------- 1) You Will Choose the Flag of Your Account When You Register 2) You will be asked to choose a character (warrior, sura, ninja, shaman) 3) You will be asked to choose the type of your character (Girl / Boy) 4) You will be asked to Name the character you have created in the Game (Character Name in the Game) 5) You will be asked for Mail, Username, Security Password! SETUP ------------- 1) Login to Navicat. You will create a new database. Name: mt2dosyalar Then you will throw it into settings.sql 2) Login to Navicat account> drop account.sql here in the file you downloaded 3) Log In Navicat player> Throw player.sql here in the file you downloaded 4) Settings in the main directory will be edited. 5) kayit-sistemi/ayarlar.php will be edited UPDATE # 1 ------------------------ Open bilgi.php and replace it with the following to show the number of people who have registered to Beta after registration UPDATE # 2 ----------------------------- To add a countdown after recording (Example: xx days xx hours xx minutes xx seconds then MT2 files will be opened) Replace Bilgi.php completely UPDATE # To activate the character delete code when registering Open icerik.php and replace it with Then open sonicerik.php and replace it completely with this code DOWNLOAD LİNK : https://www.mediafire.com/file/1bbzdfcrtlevfj3/MT2Dosyalar-Register_2.rar/file CODER İNFO : https://forum.mt2dosyalar.com/threads/mt2dosyalar-beta-web-kay%C4%B1t-sistemi-2020.327/
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