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  1. I can't see the brilliant effect on the stole and I also looked at a lot of fixes, but all of them were already there
  2. Hi guys, I ask for a little help. I have implemented the stoles in my source server and client side, client side and it's all working. But I have a "bug that I can't fix it", it's about the effect of the lv 19% and 25% stoles. Any solution to the merit?
  3. What would I need to tweak to make it work? in files? @Doose
  4. Hi guys, I wanted to ask for information, I would like to transform the "local" folder (client side which would be local / local / it) into "local" (local / it). If I edit, I am mistaken: 0329 00:25:00048 :: packLoadLocaleGame(c_szFileName=locale/it/locale_game.txt) - Load Error 0329 00:25:00049 :: system.py(line:272) RunMainScript system.py(line:233) execfile prototype.py(line:3) <module> system.py(line:178) __hybrid_import system.py(line:142) _process_result localeInfo.py(line:369) <module> Run - <type 'exceptions.NameError'>:name 'PVP_MODE_NOR
  5. Hi guys from metin2dev, I have a problem with the client, I transformed and I went out and gave me this error as soon as I try to enter the pg could anyone help me? Used source based martysama. 1124 20:33:00139 :: game.py(line:221) Open game.py(line:632) StartGame game.py(line:784) RefreshCharacter interfaceModule.py(line:600) RefreshCharacter uiCharacter.py(line:1296) RefreshCharacter uiCharacter.py(line:1344) __SetSkillSlotData uiCharacter.py(line:1032) RefreshSkill uiCharacter.py(line:1008) __RefreshSkillPage GameWindow.Open - <type 'exceptions.RuntimeError'>:s
  6. I ran the "folder tutorial", but thanks I'll try!
  7. Hey guys I have a problem with this "system", this is the error that gives me solutions?
  8. I reloaded the table but I always have the same erroe, how can I create a new one? Thanks you!
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